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Gambian Opposition Sympathiser’s Guilty Verdict Condemned


The United States’ branch of the Gambia’s opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) has condemned last week’s conviction of a UDP sympathiser in the Gambia by a magistrate’s court.

Lasana Jobarteh was Thursday ordered to pay a fine of D50,000 in default to serve one year in prison after he was guilty of broadcasting without a licence contrary to the Information and Communication Act 2009.

Jobarteh accused of using Skype to broadcast two UDP rallies to a US based online Gambian newspaper.
UDP-USA described the verdict as ‘vile’ and ‘unjust’
“To convict an innocent man on a manufactured charge with no basis in Gambian law in the Holy month of Ramadan is testament to the pervasive judicial tyranny our citizens are living under,” the organisation stated.

“ People like [Magistrate] Isatou Janneh, who was assigned to this case only three weeks after she was called to the bar, are eager and willing to violate their faith, judicial ethics, basic decency and pervert the law to exert revenge for an evil tyrant.”

UDP-USA described Lasana Jobarteh as a patriot, selfless and courageous man who is always willing to uphold values that are cherished by Gambians.

It called on “Gambians who understand the existential threat our nation and people face to stand in solidarity with Lasana in his battle with the forces of terror and repression. You can help with your prayers both for him and the other victims, call him directly, contact him via face book and for those of you who can contribute to his solidarity fund which has been set up to address his legal issues. The following people are coordinating the US fund drive Mrs. Maimuna Ceesay tel: (917) 519-9835, Mr. Mboge Saidykhan tel: (206) 551-5703, and Mr. Lamin Tunkara tel (919)757-9469.”
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