Gambia’s Jammeh Renews Support For Palestine

(JollofNews) – President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia has used his Eid ul Fitr meeting with Muslim leaders to renew his support for a free Palestine.
Mr Jammeh said Palestinians are being treated worse than the Jews in Nazi Germany and the west should end its blind support for Israel and speak out against injustice.


“What Israel is doing in Gaza is abominable and unacceptable and I think if Hitler is to see it, he would say these people are worst than me,” Mr Jammeh said.

He added: “The Israelis are even bombing hospitals and we condemn this excessive brutality in the strongest terms possible.

“I’m not against the Jews because I am a Muslim. I will condemn the Jews the same way I will condemn Gambians if they do such barbaric act.”

Mr Jammeh accused western leaders and the media of hypocrisy over their response and reporting of the Israeli bombings of Gaza.

He said while western leaders and the media are blaming Hamas for the current crisis, they have deliberately turned a blind eye to the fact that Israel has turned Gaza into a living hell for the Palestinians.

He added that Israel has no right to put every Gazan or Palestinian in Gaza in prison.

Mr Jammeh stated: “Apartheid was in South Africa, but it has now been transferred to Palestine. In those days of the worst period of apartheid, they had the Group Areas Act and blacks were sent to the worst places in South Africa.

“Whereas in South Africa they had electric fences dividing blacks and whites, in Israel they have a concrete fence going through Palestinian land. Every westerner is celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall yet something worst than the Berlin Wall is in Palestine and nobody is talking about it.”

Meanwhile, an opposition leader in the Gambia, Mai Ahmed Fatty of the Gambia Moral Congress Party (GMC) has condemned the recent supply of mortars and grenades to the Israeli Defence Force by the US government.

Mr Fatty said the American re-supply of mortars and grenades to the Israeli Defence Force will enhance their ability to perpetuate mass murder in Palestine.

Writing on his party’s Facebook page, the GMC leader said the supply of ammunition to Israel has come at a time the Israeli army has already ‘butchered’ over a thousand civilians, (mostly children and women), bombed schools, markets, mosques and hundreds of civilian homes, with thousands more grievously injured.

He added: “This conflict is not a war between Judaism and Islam. It is about human rights; about justice; about liberation; about occupation and apartheid. Those who advocate that we should mind our business within our own region or in Africa have exposed their insensitivity to mass agony and inhumanity towards fellow human beings.

“The United States has formally divested itself of all moral rights to champion human rights anywhere in the world. Leaders and nations ought to take cognisance of the real face of global terror.”
Written by JollofNews

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