Gambians Urged To Reject “Self—Inflicted Poverty”

jammeh(JollofNews) – President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia has used his Eid-ul-Ahad feast message to urge his people to desist from sitting idly and

hoping that good fortune would descend to them from the heavens without using their God-given talent and energy to work and improve their livelihoods.
Mr Jammeh said his regime will never relent in its commitment to transform the Gambia into an ultra modern country and he is optimistic that the country is on course to achieving its development objectives under Vision 2016 and Vision 2020.
While reaffirming his regime’s commitment to eradicating poverty in the country, Mr Jammeh called on Gambians to desist from the easy tendency of embracing “self-inflicted poverty”.
“What we need today is the change of attitude from complacent and dependent mindsets to more forward looking and achievement oriented dispositions,” he said.
Mr Jammeh added: “We will never relent in our commitment to transform the Gambia into an ultra modern country, and that being the case I hereby continue to enjoin all Gambians to be geared towards that direction. jammeh
“We must remain steadfast and hardworking, especially as we strive to attain food self sufficiency. In this regard, I will reiterate my call for Gambians, especially the youth, to embrace agriculture, honesty and hard work since these are the surest ways of attaining genuine independence, self reliance and national dignity.”
The Gambian leader said since he came to power 20 years ago, Gambians have seen remarkable and unprecedented achievements in all fields of endeavour.
Mr Jammeh added: “We have made significant progress both in the productive sector and social sectors particularly in education, health, agriculture and public infrastructure. These achievements have permeated all levels of society and have brought progress and security to Gambians and non-Gambians resident in the country.”
The Gambian leader said as Gambians celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, he is proud of his country, which he said is the only country where there is a high level of tolerance and respect for other religions and faiths.
He added: “Here we do not show antagonism to any individual or group because of their religious affiliations. We do not pass judgement on others because of their religious beliefs and practices; as such judgement should be left to Allah.
“We in the Gambia are grateful to the Almighty Allah for the peace ad tranquillity that prevail in our country, a divine gift we must at all times endeavour to jealously protect and defend as we strive for greater prosperity for all Gambians.”

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