Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh Praises ‘Genuine Gambians’

Jammeh (JollofNews) – President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia has paid tribute to ‘genuine Gambians’ for their patriotism , selflessness,  dedication and support to his regime since he assumed the reign of power

20 years ago.
Addressing school children at a ceremony marking the 20 anniversary of his rise to power, Mr Jammeh said his regime is grateful for the support and contributions of the Gambian people without which it would have been impossible to turn the dreams of all Gambians into reality.
He said with the help and support of ‘genuine Gambians’ his regime has “constructed first class paved roads all over the country, built state-of-the-art hospitals and major health centres, a flourishing university and numerous primary, junior and secondary schools, a television station, and substantially mechanised and modernised agriculture by providing tractors and other farming implements.”
Mr Jammeh added: “The past two decades were not easy-pickings for the development of our motherland. From a retrogressive nation tethering on the brink of extinction, we have created a very dynamic modern country soon to become an economic super power.
“We went through trials and tribulations, we faced treachery and cynics and deadly stooges along the way but we conquered all these obstacles because we entrust our entire existence and destiny to the Almighty Allah. We learnt from our mistakes and the mistake of others, but the most important lesson I learned is that those who depend on and worship only Allah shall never fail and the other lesson I learned is that a united and Allah-worshipping country is easier to build and develop Jammeh than divided Shaitan [devil]-worshipping country. In short, we learnt bitter but useful lessons that have turned us into better, independent and dignified people.”
While ignoring his government’s harassment and abuse of its critics, which has resulted in a muzzled press and the death, torture, arrest and detention, and sometimes enforced disappearance of Gambians, the president urged Gambians to jealously guard against destructive vices and satanic behaviour such as drugs, homosexual, dishonesty, and parasitic dependence on others.
He also called on them to use the lessons learnt during the past 20 years to strengthen their resolve to serve their country in every way possible and to continue to use the various opportunities created to build ultra-modern country.
“The unparalleled record of the accomplishments we have made during the past 20 years should spur Gambians to even greater goals,” he said.
“We should not rest on our laurels but continue to work harder in order to attain our development targets sooner rather than later because the future belongs not to the infidel or to the stagnant mind, but the faithful optimist, the imaginative and the resourceful. As Allah-fearing and worshiping people, we put our destiny in the hands of the Almighty Allah only.”
“We have to look forward to the future with greater optimism for as long as we continue to depend and worship only the Almighty Allah, our country will always remain on the right footing towards greatness. We should all as obedient and faithful servants of Allah march in unison regardless of our diversities and differences in line with the old adage, united we stand, divided we fall.
“The enthusiasm I have sensed among Gambians about our Revolution and how that landmark date in our history, July 22nd, is venerated, always gives me the courage and the strength to continue to dedicate all my energies to the services and betterment of this great country.”

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