Gambia’s Jammeh Accuses European Leaders Of Racism

Yahya (JollofNews) – President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia has accused European leaders of racism and committing genocide against Africans.

Mr Jammeh who is dubbed ‘Barking Dog’ by his critics for his rants, loves drawing international condemnation by lashing out at gays and lesbians and subjecting political opponents to torture and forcing them to confess to sedition on television.
In a statement that was read on state television on Saturday night by his Foreign minister, Mr Jammeh said the racial discrimination and mass murder of young Africans and African migrants on European shores has gone on for a long time and it is time for Africans to rise up against Europe
He said his government is ready to work with all Africans to ‘put an end to the mass murder of young Africans and African migrants on European shores with whatever means necessary.
“We will not sit down and watch this racist genocide continue unabated,” Mr Jammeh said.
“If the European Union is really interested in the protection of homosexuals in Africa as a human right, why are they slaughtering young and decent African migrants in their thousands on European soil? The people of the Gambia in particular and Africa in general can no longer be fooled, exploited or subjugated in this twenty-first century and beyond.Yahya
“We hereby call on all Africans to stand-up to defend our race against the phenomena of racism and violence against the black race. Africa is a continent and not a village and is, therefore, strong enough to stand against this brutal killing of young people simply because they are blacks.
“When  Europe was very poor and on the verge of mass starvation they came to Africa and looted our resources through extraordinary brutality for more than four hundred years; leaving behind a desolate and a highly underdeveloped African continent.”
“The consequences of European occupation of Africa range from abject poverty and reversing the continent back to the Stone-Age with endless proxy wars and endemic destitute.”
The Gambian leader added that years of colonialism and looting of their resources by Europe, all Africans should today stand-up shoulder to shoulder to put-up a definitive end to the humiliation and subjugation of the black race.
He added: “In doing so, we should be aware also that there are certain African leaders that are working for them in this evil and racist crusade against Africa and Africans.
“They facilitate the continuous looting of African resources by the same forces that enslaved Africans; who still believe that we blacks are monkeys and not human and, therefore, should not benefit from our Allah-given vast natural resources that we have on the African continent.”
Mr Jammeh said for that reason, his country is saying no to the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA)-the free trade agreements which the European Union (EU) is negotiating with countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific- which he says  is designed to continue the exploitation and impoverishment of Africa.
“We will rather die than be colonised twice, enslaved twice and be robbed of our resources; our dignity and our humanity twice,” he said.
“Our relationship with any country or any bloc will be based on mutual respect and the respect of the sovereignty and independence and religious values of our country. We will no longer be a member of any sub-regional, regional and international bloc or organisation that will allow the continuous racist exploitation and humiliation and the looting of the African continent in particular and the black race in general.”

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