Gambia Reveals Identities Of Coup Plotters

Coup(JollofNews) – The Gambia has revealed the names of the armed dissidents involved in the failed coup attempt against the 20-year-old regime of President Yahya Jammeh.

Last Tuesday, dissidents armed with night-vision goggles, body armour and semi-automatic rifles bought at shops in the US, hidden beneath clothes and shipped in barrels to the Gambia, attacked the presidential palace in Banjul while Mr Jammeh who they code named ‘Chuck’ was away on a private visit to Dubai.
The dissidents are named as Lamin Sanneh code named ‘Gibia’ a former Lt Colonel of the Gambia Armed Forces and former commander of the State Guards Battalion, Njaga Jagne code named ‘Bandit’ a retired Captain of the US Army, Babucarr Ann Lowe [Bai Lowe], a former Warrant Officer Class 2 of the Gambia Armed Forces,  former Private Modou Njie, code named ‘Mike’ of the Gambia Armed Forces, Private Landing Sonko, code named ‘Young’ an active member of the Gambia Armed Forces who was on study leave and was also an orderly of former Lt Colonel Sanneh, Musa Sarr, a former Lance Corporal of the Gambia Armed Forces code named ‘Campama’, Papa Faal, code named ‘Fox’ a retired Sergeant in the US Army, Alhaji Nyass, a former personnel of the defunct Gambia National Gendarmerie, former private Dawda Bojang of the Gambia Armed Forces, Cherno Njie code named ‘John’, a successful businessman in Texas, US, Mustapha Faal, a Gambian resident in Germany and Alhaji Saidy Barrow code named ‘X’, coordinator of the group who was responsible for logistics and clearing of their weapons and other gadgets from the sea port.
According to the Gambia’s Foreign Affairs minister, Neneh Macdouall-Gaye, documents retrieved from the dissidents have revealed their plan to arrest and kill service chiefs and other high ranking and prominent individuals in the country.Coup
“It is clear from the documents retrieved from the attackers that these operation was well planned and the documents have reveals their intention to destroy key infrastructure including the Central Bank of the Gambia building, Denton Bridge, Gamtel House, Kotu Power Station among other national assets,” she said in a televised statement Wednesday night.


How the attack was coordinated
Giving a detailed explanation on how the attack was carried out, Foreign Minister Macdouall-Gaye said former Lt Colonel Lamin Sanneh, Njaga Jagne, Babucarr Ann Lowe, Modou Njie and Landing Sonko lunched their assault from the main gate of the State House via the Albert Market while three others attempted to enter the presidential palace via the rear gate on Marina Parade.
“During the exchange of fire at the main gate, Sanneh and Jagne were killed, Lowe and Sonko escaped while Modou Njie was captured and is currently helping the intelligence service with the investigations,” she said.
Mrs Macdouall-Gaye added that Musa Sarr, Papa Faal and Alhaji Nyass and Dawda Bojang lunched the attack from the rear gate of the presidential palace.
She said during the attack, Papa Faal positioned a heavy machine gun by the entrance of the Accident and Emergency unit of Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital and repeatedly fired rounds at the gate.
The minister revealed that during the shootout, Alhaji Nyass who attempted to ram his vehicle at the gate of State House and Dawda Bojang who was dressed in military uniform and body amour and positioned by heavy machine gun were also killed while Musa Sarr and Papa Faal took to their heels leaving behind their equipment and military attires.
WeaponsMrs Macdouall-Gaye added that other members of the group, Cherno Njie, the main sponsor of the dissidents and proposed interim leader and Alhaji Saidy Barrow were stationed at Brufut heights some 25 kilometres from Banjul. She said both men fled the country after the coup was thwarted.
Another member of the group, Mustapha Faal, a Gambian resident in Germany is reported to have deserted the group before the attack and his whereabouts are not known.
The minister added: “After the confrontation and the defeat of the attackers by the security forces, a large quantity of arms was retrieved which included two heavy machine guns with telescopic sights, 17 MMP15 individual assault rifles with aiming devices, nine AKM automatic assault rifles, four light machines guns, three pistols, one pair of night-vision goggles, 17 body armours, 20 jackets, five camel bags and 11 satellite pro-communication devices which were intended to be used for communication among themselves and to communicate to the outside world when they have destroyed the communication infrastructure in the country after failing to capture the State House.”

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