The Serious And Dangerous Cancer In Gambia



(JollofNews) – Gambia’s president Yahya Jammeh is a serious and dangerous cancer in Africa that the world don’t know about and it is eating into every aspect of life and into every socio-economic groups.

The misery it brings to ordinary Gambians and Africans through his brutalities is unbearable. Today’s Gambian leader is comparable to the African slave-barons who facilitated the capturing and the selling off of millions of their fellow blacks to distant lands where they were subjugated into slavery.
For the past 20 years, Gambian people are battling and fighting to survive with the most dangerous cancer through democratic process but all they faced is intimidation, arrest, torture and killing. They have cried so loud but the world didn’t hear their voices due to the country’s small size in nature. .
Some heard, some have seen and some witnessed but still the world ignored because they have no geo-political interest in the country. Since he came to power through Coup in 1994, Mass number of Gambians and foreigners have suffered from his brutal torture, arrest, detention without trial, disappearance and killing. He made children to be fatherless, wife to be husband-less, family to be breadwinner-less and teachers to be student-less.
For his 20 years rule with iron face, he killed many, many ran into exile in fear of their lives, and he turned the then smiling coast and democratic country into sad and autocratic nation. The dictator has succeeded in inculcating fear and threat in every heart. People voice out their opinions in low tone and law authorities operate in fear and favoritism and turn a daylight blind eye to the constitution.
After 20 years of battling with the most serious and dangerous cancer through constitutional means to effect changes in the Gambia became impossible due to his endeavor in frustrating people’s effort by killing of student demonstrators, arrest and detention of protesters in seek of permit and his failure for electoral reforms. Many Gambian both living in Gambia and abroad believed that any means necessary to get ride of the dangerous cancer in other to restore democracy and good governance in Gambia will be inevitable. Darboe
Upon this day, 30 December. A group of those reduced to their utmost hate-filled state, but not through a doing of their own, but through the doing of those who have assumed power over them. Those freedom loving men left their family and comfort zone to mark the fall of oppression, they believed that the time has come to stand against the one who have belittle their precious country, They see what the dangerous cancer has done to their people. They take a looked and they see their people as shadows of their former selves. They see their people have been wilted down to their bare bones. Their pride and right have been taken from them. left them with nothing and they decided to stand in front to take it back, to take the cancer out of  their country.
The dictator who have broken their nationalism. They were once a proud nation with democracy and rule of law but now they have little to nothing. Those brave men risk their lives to show the dictator that “Those who make the  peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” (JF Kenedy). These men are truly freedom fighters and not violent criminals.
Their move injected a spirit in us the youth. We the young people should show our so-called leaders that the people of any country should not fear their leaders, That in reality, they should fear US!!!!!
Rest in Peace our freedom fighters and we demand for unconditional release of those involve to liberate our beloved country The Gambia.
Author: Ousman JC Darboe, is a Human Right Activist.

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  1. The Gambian constitution clearly says that a newly elected president ( not an incumbent) must wait 60 days from the date of the election before taking office How is what is proposed consitutionally legal?