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(JollofNews) – FIRST and FOREMOST, let me make a disclaimer here that this author is aware and tracking that currently emotions and sentiments are high, given recent developments. In this background, it will be extremely difficult to set aside emotions and use professional judgment.

As such, this piece is presented in the context of professional viewpoint and you, the readers, are likewise urged to set aside emotions and use professional judgment.  
FURTHER, allow this author to add to the disclaimer here, from a professional and personal point of view, given the current high tempo surrounding recent events, of which we all are aware of, this: :
I know, from personal and professional experience, the pain and anguish loved ones and friends of people killed in any “armed incident”, “mission”, “uprising” or anything along those lines. I have been there and done that, countless times, though not in the form of coup, but in the context of missions, battles and firefights.   I do and I know, and I authoritatively speak from professional experience that has a universal appeal, no matter your race, nationality, color or origin.  
NOW, having made the above disclaimer, allow me to proceed with the subject of this piece, which is what I will call the “Diaspora Trifecta”. What is this Diaspora Trifecta? Read on:
At the top of the diaspora trifecta is that group of people who are genuinely working hard in this “diaspora”  or “struggle” and at home, for and in the name of Gambia, to secure democracy and the rule of law in the Gambia, without promises or gain of any kind, shape, form or design, today, tomorrow and forever, nor are they doing so for “fame”, “attention” and or any other ulterior gains, but for what is Best for country. There is a fine line here, and it becomes the duty of the Gambian people to be able to distinguish the “fakers” from the “genuine, real patriots”.   I submit that this is the group of people the Gambian people would want to entrust the state of affairs of running the Gambia post-Jammeh, and they include people at home and in the diaspora, who are equally or more qualified to manage or steer the state of affairs of the next government.Savage
On the other side of this diaspora vortex of trifecta, there are those who are “professing” to be working to restore democracy and rule of law in the Gambia, but are using this “diaspora airwaves” or landscape to gain favors, sympathy and other gains. This group of people are engaged in the diaspora for their own selfish interests, ulterior motives or group’s interest, at the expense of what is or isn’t best for the Gambian people and her future generations. For the ease of convenience, we would call this group of people “enablers”, former, current and future (future in the context that that regime is still in power, and as such, there will be more “enablers” popping up all over this diaspora).  I urge and submit to the Gambian people to be wary of these “chameleons” in this diaspora, as well as those at home. Never put faith and trust on someone who you have once been deceived by, and we have plenty of people in this diaspora who have deceived the Gambian people.  Don’t we hear enablers barraging online radios, and social media, blaming everybody, particularly Yaya Jammeh and his brutal regime, but fall short of blaming themselves for the part they played in this same regime.
The third vortex of this diaspora trifecta is that group of people who let themselves being used as “puppets”, for whatever reasons. This group of people, due to friendship, family, tribalism, or other affiliations, connections and or other relationships, refuses to seek and or speak the truth; no matter how inconvenient the truth may be to themselves, their loved ones, friends or family or even strangers. This group of people are the puppets, hence the diaspora trifecta comprises the “genuine ones” column, the “enablers” section and the “puppetry” department.
Which Department Are You In?
Every Gambian and non-Gambian now knows that the Jammeh regime is an event receding into the past, into Gambian history. And we all can now begin to see, smell, taste and feel that that regime, headed by Yaya Jammeh, will soon be a thing of the past. NOW, the jockeying for positions, favors, sympathy and other gains, is heating up, and speeding fast, especially in this “diaspora”.
Some quarters of people are now embarking on diversionary, character assassination or distraction strategies that are self-centered, misleading and agenda-driven. They have developed this game through social media, such as Facebook, and online radios, calling Yahya Jammeh “criminal” and other names, which we all know he is, BUT how about they start with themselves FIRST, and examine the part they played in this “criminal enterprise”?  If the Gambian people can and will hold Yahya Jammeh accountable, how about his entourage of “enablers”, former, current and future?  (Future in the sense that that regime is still in power, so there will be more “enablers” popping up in this diaspora…..more will come).
This “struggle” is not owned by Peter, Paul or Jane, and it is about and for The Gambia, not for personal or group popularity, agendas, or designs, and certainly NOT for forming “little groups” here and there, based on who you know, or don’t know, who your friends are, or whose haircut or hairdo you like or don’t like, or who has nice pictures, or looks on social media, or Facebook.  We must be brutally honest with each other, and stop all this hypocrisy, and other crowded or shady manifestations.
The future of The Gambia is at stake here, and we want to build a National Foundation based on Honesty, Truth, Service and Patriotism to the Gambian people and her future generations. Not based on cabal, groups, favoritism or any other denominational feature or grouping.  
FINALY, I will close this piece with my usual and consistent appeal or call for us in this diaspora to come together under Unity of Action, under one body of leadership, link up with the Opposition back home, to confront and deal with the shared and common predicament we face back home, rather than these infrequent,  isolated (and sometimes uncoordinated) sporadic events or phenomenon that have been going on for close to 21 years now. Unity of Action is effective and eloquent
The author: Abdul Savage, is a Retired, US Army Member, Military Order of the Purple Heart Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars

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