“We Will Get Rid Of Jammeh’s Regime Come 2016”, Asserts Darboe

UDP(JollofNews) – The Leader of The Gambia’s main opposition party UDP, lawyer Ousainou Darboe has told waiting Journalists at his Pipeline resident after returning from a country wide tour that, “Gambians are more than ready to get rid of President Jammeh’s regime come 2016 presidential election”.

According to him, “the need to end Jammeh’s regime is long overdue in order to revamp the decaying economy to a sound and vibrant one on which the country can be built and avail social services to all Gambians while ushering poverty to the exit point”.
“The entire country has rejected the Jammeh regime. This has been demonstrated by Alkalolus who previously never dared to welcome us, today boldly chaired our meetings and speak out their minds. Their open and total rejection of the APRC regime amplifies the status quo has changed from fear to preparedness for positive change”.
The UDP leader, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, and his supporters were initially prevented by police from going ahead with their ten-day country-wide tour which was intended to reach out to their grassroots supporters and present their vision for the country.
However after arriving in Niumi, a contingent of riot police blocked off the main road in the outskirts of Fass Njaga Choi and ordered the party to call off the tour as it has not obtained a permit from the Inspector General of Police to use a public address system in their meetings as outlined in the country’s Public Order Act.UDP
The UDP Leader described the tour as successful despite the stand-off that delayed his tour party for three days. “The tour was very impressive and the reception accorded to us is superb. It’s very encouraging. In fact there are instances where we went to bed at 4:30am all of which shows how Gambians are ready for change”, Darboe disclosed.
He went on to underscore how the UDP has always abide by the dictates of the constitution. Most importantly, he reaffirms that its party militants will continue to do so but will never allow anybody to trample on their rights. The stand-off, he noted has spoken clearly to Gambians and the world at large that power resides with the people and no amount of intimidation or thuggery will repress the thirst for change come 2016 presidential election.
“The UDP will continue to respect the laws but we will never be intimidated again by anybody”, Darboe emphasised.
Furthermore, Darboe added, he hopes this type of stand-off between his party and the security forces will not occur again not only with the UDP but all other political parties in the country.
“It’s very sad that this stand-off occurred at a time when the African Commission is having its extra-ordinary meeting in Banjul thus sending the wrong signal to the world. It is very disgraceful”, The UDP Leader lamented.  
“This tour”, Lawyer Darboe intimated, “is a build-up to the 2016 presidential election. The issue of electoral reforms is not a matter of the UDP alone but all other political parties. As a result, I don’t want to make any comment as far as the electoral reforms are concern”, he concluded
The UDP Leader finally thank Gambians both home and abroad for sponsoring this tour, adding that they have shown their desire and passion for change.

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