A Citizen’s Query: Is NRMG Finish? Part 2

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” –Albert Einstein.
Yero(JollofNews) – As our traditional adage goes “ning-boroo mang meh, koomah-tuulal bukah-long” meaning if the race is not stretched, we have no way of knowing the real seeds from the chaff. It is exactly the case here. Oh well, I am vindicated before even long, and I said that no one can fool history, as history resolves itself. Despite the many sincere comrades who prevailed on me to allow NRMG deal with its biting bugs; I think a stretch of this debate is necessary, as both clarification, and a way to set the records straight for posterity, continues citizens’ queries.

From its rejoinder, the NRMG in its full pack, from the top to the tail came up with a rejoinder to my piece titled, “A Citizen’s Query: Is NRMG Finish?” Wow! My submission certainly didn’t go well with NRMG. I am sure the many citizens reading can distinguish between the chaff and the real seeds from the heaps of hay. I will for posterity, allow the all arbiter of times, “time” to bring the truth to light as my good mentor and friend Lawyer Lamin J. Darboe would have concluded on this one. How a citizen’s query and simple construct, can be as usual just misconstrued by NRMG, says just who its players are, and leave much to be desired about a group positioning itself for power. M’bang-wulengkeh!!
What even exposes NRMG further is its inability to comprehend what is simply written, acknowledge on the pointers, and even respond appropriately to a citizen’s query, answer the quarries, and even offer possible solutions. On the contrary, their blood pressure was raised exponentially for a simple construct, and as a result, they resorted to further show the emptiness of NRMG, its dictatorial tendency, and show everyone that their military informs are in the closet, and that they are not close to being civil, rather not rehabilitated to where they can be trusted with the nation’s affairs. Imagine the type of response coming from an unstructured organization, NRMG that is seeking citizens’ mandate was to be Gambia’s current leadership, and you all help dissect this one fellow Gambian. With the way they responded to my piece, is all you need, to even make conclusions if this is the type of leadership or mediating organization you would like to associate with.
Oh well, the late Chinua Achebe once reasoned that the falling lizard from the top of the iroko tree will praise itself if no one else did. NRMG says, “NRMG members have no record of brutality against Gambians…,” and I will let citizens read between the lines. Here is what another Gambian, Pa Saikou Kujabi of New York, said and the ink hasn’t even dried yet Now for someone walking with the above claims of crime on his head, I wonder in fact who the NRMG will investigate; if at all their ridicule of “packing Jammeh” is to go by. When it comes to deceit, being mischievous, empty, and even pretentious after all the false hope given my NRMG, you should have been man enough, “gorr” to apologise for not only misleading Gambians but continuing to wallow in lies, lack of seriousness, and living a life of self-denial.
“…and the majority of us were trained in world-class military academies and school with distinguished records. YeroHaving said that we are no longer in the military and are all busy doing other things now including participating in the political process.”
I recalled Imam Jah in a famous lecture telling the audience in Wollof, “Koo-jish mui dorr dehnam, duu-mom” meaning anyone that beats the chest in boast is far from it. Besides, good schools should give good products who would reason with their brains. If these same schools being celebrated are the ones that gave birth to Jammeh, his ilk, and many other background lurkers, then something needs to be examined. For soldiers who benefitted from the country’s resources in training and developing their skills, owes a country like the Gambia better than being the military rule that hijacked Gambians since 1994.
The military turned civilians in many instances failed nations and their citizens especially the African continent. For some of those that served Jammeh and served with him, you all have a whole explanation to do. It is simple because you in one way or the other served a criminal regime, and one can frankly state that most plugged out, after the criminal regime turned its spears to some of the very architects of the regime in various capacities. For one, it is obvious that some of the insincere exploiters would have still been milking Gambia’s system if the ugly status quo didn’t turn against them. You won why Jammeh is still there!
On the personalisation of this debate, I am not even saying a word about “falsely befriending” NRMG’s leader, in Pa Ann, and I would like to know how. For the records, I have never solicited NRMG’s internal security information from Pa Ann. And God forbid that I do things and recount on them in a boastful manner.
If Pa Ann is part of that statement, which showed as its acclaimed leader, even though he is not the author of this piece, I will call on him to be honest, and tell all Gambians what he knows, especially my personal interaction with him. I will not be petty to ask for an apology as I am not in need of one, but If he doesn’t disassociate himself with the false statement, then I will be happy to do that for the spirit of fair play/disclosure and to show the whole world that it is the most dishonest statement coming from Pa Ann and the NRMG. What I believe is if people cannot be honest with the little things, they will not be honest with the big things. It is on records of my profiling of Pa’s graduation in mid-2000, and my personal attestation to support him during his quest to get a school leadership board position here in Minnesota. Needless to mention, I even participated in the door-knocking exercise and for any interested reader, please read…
Further, NRMG gave “Samba Chukalel” much more than he actually has, as to think of an agenda, political or personal attack against NRMG, is not only insincere and empty, but lacks iota of truth. I didn’t know that NRMG, a supposed Government in the waiting to “pack” Yahya Jammeh soon, is so threatened by my pen. I didn’t know either that I have an agenda that NRMG is a threat to any agenda I have. For an empty organization that has exposed itself, a group of seeds from the feared poisonous plant, is better given a rope, just as they committed suicide on their response here, exposing themselves, walking with a wick on the shoulders.
Now straight to the point, NRMG, please leave Samba Chukalel’s balls alone (LOL), as you all should have been big boys with bigger scrotal balls to confront another one of your former peers, a product directly or indirectly of your making, now a problem Yahya Jammeh, after the fall out. I do not pose any threat to NRMG nor does NRMG pose a threat to my life, any of life’s plans, or even civil participation. Come what may, Allah permitting, and to my graveyard, I will keep fighting for the oppressed, and I will keep marching to every corner of the world without any fear.
What I expected was a little bit of respect and maturity, show of leadership, some political substance, acknowledgment of the criticism and taking it in good faith, and even offering possible solution. Part of that solution would have included challenging the unfavourable US Neutrality law by petitioning the US Government, which by all indications, is given a 360 degrees here by NRMG, as we all know some of what is known, especially around the military wing. Hiding behind the words shows the inconsistency and the twists 360 degrees within just a period of one year, March 2014 to now, the exact quote on the conference call, “Yahya Jammeh it is time you pack up or we will pack you up”. For someone in that shape, it is an early warning sign, to either disassociate, or even expose them.
Now to the rest of Gambians and friends of the Gambia, NRMG have showed their true colour, and you all have observed them for one year. Assess for yourself what the organization has achieved, whether they invited you during their leadership selection, or to whether the recent transformation goes well with you. For someone that defaults himself to leadership without your consent, and still keep getting to the next day without you asking them serious questions, will only make them hold you captive. If anyone thinks Gambians are asleep or they can be taken by power hungry idiots, please think again. We think Jammeh is a problem, but the real problem will come, when Jammeh is out, as there are too many lurkers in the background, and they will never tell you the truth.
The Struggle continues!!

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