Yahya Jammeh

Gambia’s Jammeh Delivers Foul-Mouthed Rant At Washington

Yahya Jammeh(JollofNews) – President Yayha Jammeh of the Gambia has delivered a foul-mouthed rant at the United States government after it condemned his human rights record and threats to slit the throats of gays and lesbians in the West African country.

The US national security adviser, Susan Rice, last week described Mr Jammeh’s comments as “unconscionable” and expressed Washington’s deep concerns about credible reports of torture, suspicious disappearances – including of two American citizens – and arbitrary detention at the government’s hands.”
But responding to the statement, Mr Jammeh accused Ms Rice and Washington of making unsubstantiated accusations and waging a systematic campaign to demonise him and dent the good image of his country because of his stance against the activities of the gays and lesbian community.
In a statement read on state television, GRTS, Friday evening, Mr Jammeh said he will never relent in his rejection of homosexuality which is ‘anathema’ to the religious, cultural and traditional values of the people of the Gambia.
“On countless occasions, the Government of the Gambia supported by all religious denominations have made unequivocal pronouncements that the country was founded and anchored on sound religious and cultural roots and her people will not allow unnatural and unethical behaviour such as homosexuality to undermine the moral code or undermine the fabric of her society,” Mr Jammeh added.
“The latest move by the national security adviser of the United States of America to occupy the moral high ground of preaching observance of human rights to the people of the Gambia is nothing but a shameless attempt to divert the abysmal human rights record in the United States of America. JAMMEH
“Rather than prescribe to Gambians who have a long history of civilisation thousands of years before the European outlaws landed in America, the national security adviser shall do better to address the problems of institutionalise racism, abuses and impunity in America where lately, innocent and unarmed African-Americans for example are being shot and killed by white police officers on a weekly or daily basis with impunity. It is very shameful that a country that has legalised torture and racists genocide can blame the Gambia for non-existing human rights abuses.”
Mr Jammeh insists that his government will always adhere to the sacred religious values of his people and would not be dictated by ‘decadent and ungodly’ societies, nations or institutions.
He added: “We Worship Allah only and as Muslims and Christians because we are human beings. Even insects and bacteria reproduce respecting the order of nature more so we the Africans who had been the cradle of civilisation of humanity.
“We will preserve the human race by going by Allah’s dictates that only man and woman can marry and Gambians are descendants of Adam and Eve and so shall we live. Adam married Eve and not Binta and Fatou marrying.”

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