Torchlight with Michael Scales: Amnesty Or Impunity?

Gambia(JollofNews) – Reading the many commentaries on the mass release of prisoners by President Yahya Jammeh, one can capture the true essence of the Gambian character.

In that pragmatism is enjoined by celebrations tinged with caution. Clearly, Mr Jammeh is caught in the headlines by gathering international condemnation and seeks to use “explosives” to free the log jam of his many failures.
This attempt to roll back this “movie” of political persecutions and arbitrary arrests of Gambians without trial is typical of the dysfunctional nature of his beleaguered and brain damaged government.
We should celebrate but only for those allowed to feel warm sunlight on dry skin for the longest time. How many other Gambians who were left to fester without hope of justice must have shed tears knowing of there innocence, without recourse to a fair trial and hope.
This cruelty from the heartless leader will leave an indelible wound on the human mind and the soul, never to be forgotten. Amnesty for impunity, Impunity for amnesty? What is it?
For this action against reaction politics is so sad. for Gambians lead down a road that has never gone further than the next threat of throat slitting by this deranged and monstrous  and insidious psychopathic African leader.
So what about the students gunned down on the orders of the state on April 10 and 11 2000? Are they to be raised from the dead and made to walk home to their cold lunches left uneaten? What about the Manneh family, will they ever see their son Ebrima (Chief) open his birthday gifts again? Or will his body lie in the tomb of so many unknown sons of this Gambian nation. Buried like the truth never to rise again.
With regard to the amnesty extended to Mr Jammeh’s many vocal critics, if this means all can return home to place their brick on the alter of the “New Gambia” by executive order without danger, then so be it. Go home quietly, for to walk loudly may wake the dead or disturb the restless souls of brothers departed. I won’t forget them

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