The Final Analysis

Gambia(JollofNews) – Nobody, I mean, NO ONE, wants to take Responsibility for the Failures and or Weaknesses of this so-called struggle. AND no one will deny, justify or explain that this so-called struggle is absent of flaws, weaknesses and or failures.

IN SHORT, Everyone agrees that indeed this so-called struggle is fraught and infested with weaknesses, vices and flaws.
NOW, when everyone admits that this so-called struggle is infested with weaknesses, flaws and other vices, BUT yet no one takes Responsibility for that, how on earth can your so-called struggle begin its “recovery”, “rehabilitation” or “healing processes” when no one takes Responsibility, let alone make any “progress”?
Everyone blames everyone else or everything else but himself or herself or their little “clique”.
DO you know who benefits from this? The beneficiary of this rancor within this so-called struggle is none other than the “Regime” they are claiming to be fighting against, who comfortably sits in a small city called Banjul, and runs a small country called The Gambia.
AND when you examine the dynamics and intricacies of this “Rancor” within this so-called struggle and lay out these characteristics against the landscape of the regime they are supposedly fighting against in Banjul, the resulting Picture paints not only a Futile and Unhealthy perplexing paradox,  But shows gaps that are inadvertently further consolidating this Regime’s continuing grip on power.  
SO, after thorough analysis, unless and until RESPONSIBILITY is taken for the failures, weaknesses and other vices hampering the consolidation, recovery and eventual development of this so-called struggle, This So-Called Struggle will keep doing the same over and over again for another 20 plus years, expecting a different result, BUT the result will always be the same: Yaya Jammeh will continue to be in power until he makes his own Exit. He will call the shorts and dictates his Exit Strategy.   
BUT who wants to take Responsibility for the weaknesses, flaws and vices infested and ravaging this so-called struggle? WHO wants to take Responsibility for this? WHO? If you cannot answer that, OR cannot find who wants to take Responsibility, then that means you don’t have a “struggle”, that means your “struggle” is so-called struggle, floating somewhere in cyberspace, on social media such as Facebook, Blogs, online radios, and on phone calls, on Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, and email messages.       
Let’s continue the Discussions.
And God Bless the Gambian people.

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