Religion Corner: Muslim Degeneration And Its Only Remedy (Part 2)

Gambia(JollofNews)- A further explanation and clarification of the above verse of the Holy Quran can be seen from the following “Ahadis” (sayings of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam).

(1) It has been narated by Hadhrat Abdullah bin Masud (radi Allaho Anho) that the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) was pleased to say:
“Amongst peoples gone by, when somebody committed a sin, the other would reprimand him and would say: “Fear Allah”; but on the following day would befriend him and mix with him as if he had was them behaving thus, He confounded the hearts of some with those of some, and cursed them through the tongues of Dawood and Isa son of Mariam: and this because they rebelled against Allah and transgressed His limits.”
 I, Mohammad swear by Him, Who has control ober my soul: you must enjoin the good and forbi the evil and force the ignorant wrongdoer into the path of rectitude; else Allah will confound you hearts and you  will be cursed, as were some of the peoples gone by.
(2) Hadhrat Jareer (Radi Allaho Anho) has narrated that Hadhrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) was pleased to say: “When an individual of a community sins, and the community, in spite of its authority over him, does not prevent him from sinning, Allah’s punishment descends on them even before death, i.e., He subjects them to various tribulations in this very world.
(3) Hadhrat Anas (Radi Allaho Anho) has narrated that Hadhrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) was pleased to say, “The Kalimah La ilaha Illalaho always benefits the individuals who proclaim it, and keeps away from them woes and troubles, unless, indeed, its rights are ignored.” The companions inquired: “What does the ignoring of its rights means?” Replied the Prophet: “It means that when sins are being committed openly they do not prevent or stop them.”
(4) Hadhrat Aisha (Radi Allaho Anha) says: “The Holy Prophet, (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) came to me and I could read from his noble countenance that something extraordinary had happened. He did not utter a single word but, having performed ablution, repaired straight to the mosque. I, too, stood by the wall of the mosque to hear what he had to say. The Prophet of Allah ascended the pulpit and, after the usual holy exordium, said: ‘O people, Allah has ordained you to enjoin the good and forbid the evil, lest a time should come when you call and He may not respond, you ask for a favour and He may not grant it, and you call for help and He may refuse’.”
(5) Hadhrat Abu Huraira ( Radi Allaho Anho) has narrated: “Said the Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam): When my “Ummat” (followers) begin to attach more importance to the world and to regard it as a source of glory, the awe and importance of Islam will vanish from their hearts. When they give up the practice of enjoining good and forbidding evil, they will be eprived of the blessings of Revealation, and, when they begin to indulge in mutual recrimination, they will fall low in the eyes of Allah.”
From the above “Ahadis” it is clear, that the abandonment of the act of “Amir bil maruf wa nahi anil munkar” (enjoining the good and forbidding the evil) has usually been the root cause of “Allah Ta’ala’s” anger and Displeasure and His eventual wrath. GambiaAnd if the “Ummat-e-Mohammadiah” becomes guilty of that neglect and omission, the punishment to be given to them will be more severe than to the earlier people, because they would have failed to recognise their exclusive obligation and neglected to fulfil the sole mission in their life. For this reason, the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam) has enjoined the act of “Amir bil maruf wa nahin anil munkar” (enjoining the good and forbidding the evil) “as the essence and the pivot of the faith of Islam” and the abandonment of that act as the cause of decay and decline of the faith.
In the “Hadis” of Abu Saeed Khudri, (Radi Allaho Anho) it is mentioned:
“When anyone of your witness the commission of evil, he should use his hands to prevent it: and if he has not the power to do this, he should use his tongue; and if he has not the power to do even this, he should use the power of his heart; and this last represents the weakest degree of faith.”
There is yet a clearer version of the same “Hadis” from Ibne Masud (Radi Allaho Anho). It is usual for Allah to so arrange that every Prophet leaves behind a group of his companions who perpetuate His message, who follow it rigorously and preserve the holy message exactly in the form in which the Messenger left it. Then comes en epoch of mischief and error, an epoch that witnesses the birth of people who step aside from the path laid down by the Prophet. Their actions are at variance with their proclamations; their activities are not warranted by the holy law. So whosoever arises in defence of Truth and Law, and opposes the miscreants with his hands, is a true believer; he who cannot do this but uses his toungue, is a believer too; and he who cannot, do even this, but uses the power of his heart, is also a believer; but less than this, there is no degree of faith-(Muslims).
The vital importance of Tabligh  (the task of propagation) has been further emphasised by Imam Ghazali, (Rahmatullah Alaih) in the following manner: “There can be no doubt that the act of “amr bil maruf wa nahi anil munkar” is that solid piller of Islam, on which each and every article of faith rests. It is for this very mission that Allah Ta’ala deputed all the Holy Prophets. If unfortunately, it is ignored or forgotten and its methods and practices are given up, one has to defeated and rendered meaningless. Thereafter, the conscience, which is the capital wealth of man, will wither and degenerate indolence and dullness of mind will prevail. The highway to vice and arrogance will be opened up and barbarity will spread in the whole world. All achievements of man will become dangerous and even harmful. Human relationship will break down. Civilisation will be ruined. Mankind will  be reduced to utter moral destitution. But, the vivid realisation of all this will come only on the Day of Judgment, when the entire mankind will be under trial before the Almighty Allah Ta’ala and called upon to account for each and every action.”
“Alas! Alas! The fear has come true, that which was apprehended is before our eyes.
The tower of knowledge and enlightenment has been demolished and its benefits and effects have been demolished and its benefits and effects have been completely wiped out. Consequently, mutual contempt and humiliation are rampant. Nothing, of the sublime relationship between man and his Creator, is left in human hearts; on the contrary, man, like animal, has become the slave of his passions. Indeed, not only is there a paucity of true to meet anyone who is prepared to bear the inevitable privations for the sake of propagating Islam.
“Any Muslim who dares to take steps to remove the present state of ruin and devastation, endeavours to revive the act of propagation and comes forward to shoulder that the most distinguished being among the whole of mankind.”
He said this nearly eight hundred years ago, but his statement is very accurately applicable to us today. We must ponder and calmly think out what is to be done in these circumstances. There are some well-known causes which seem to be responsible for the apathy and indifference that prevail today. These will be discussed next Friday.

To be continued.

Courtesy of Fazail-e-Amaal

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