Jollofnews Editorial: Against odds

Senegambia! A simple reference to this name automatically recalls mixed perceptions as regards the shape and content behind this concept. Interestingly, people in the Gambia and Senegal are conscious of the binding facts linking the peoples of the two countries and the strategic need to strengthen these ties. It’s a genuine aspiration for the people in these two countries as they endured the misfortunes and sufferings of slavery and colonialism. They courageously strived to achieve independence, freedom and democracy. Strangely enough, these entities yet continue to suffer the sore born from the unfortunate experience of the Senegambia Confederation combined with the adamant lack of political will to integrate communities of the two sister countries.
As a result, the states of Senegal and the Gambia continue to maintain a dozing relationship with periodical clouds that only serve the interests of counterproductive individuals across borders. They have no consideration for moderation and restrain but make use of warlike rhetoric blended with hysterical and impulsive comments whenever incidents occur between the two countries.
Before this morally reprehensible posture, it would be unrealistic for us to remain passive witnesses of an artificial contradiction opposing torn entities from the two countries against characters who symmetrically share a common history as well as similar values, cultures, tribes and religions. In our case, we strongly believe that the Senegambia Confederation suffocated from the circumstantial context that preempted its imposed conception in 1981. Consequently, this current generation of valorous young Gambians and Senegalese doesn’t deserve to continue paying for the consequences of their elders who kept endlessly groping about. We have come to set the record straight considering the immutable fact that history always serves a purpose. Senegambia’s natural and human integration should be soberly re-thought and given the chance it unarguably deserves. It’s now or never.
Doing our part of this homework, we subscribe to all approaches implying actions beyond the luring and circumstantial rhetoric which characterizes our two countries’ statesmen occasional bewitching speeches. Our medium will serve as a catalyst for regular, correct, timely and objective information across borders. Our news on politics, economy, culture, sports, science etc. will only serve the purpose of Senegambia’s natural and human integration. It is our resolve to ensure that we create a common platform for Gambians and Senegalese to exchange information for awareness, dialog and ultimately integration. No pressure will deter us from this non-reversible option.

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