It is time to tell the truth

Religious leader bemoans
By Yaya Dampha

As part of events marking the birth of the Holly Prophet, Muhammad (SAW), locally known as Gamo, Alhagie Serign Sahid Kebbeh, leader of the Dairatul Nailul Huda, has asked for an end to unfaithful practices, calling for unity among Muslims. The religious leader urged the faithful to uphold the teachings of the Holly Prophet, pointing out that Islam has no room for hate and grudge against one another.
Addressing hundreds of worshipers representing 29 Dairas across the Gambia and some from neighboring Senegal, at Madinatul Anuwar in Banyaka, Kombo South, last Saturday, Serign Kebbeh disassociated himself from all un-Godly practices. He said time had come for people to tell each other the truth.
“If you are dealing with people, you should deal with them in truthfulness.  Let us be steadfast. There are lots of petty talks around. No one does anything for the other, but for oneself. One should do things with clean heart, good intent and in good manners,’’ he stated.
He went on, “I am satisfied [contented with what God gave him]. We should tell each other the truth. There are lots of push and pull around, and in push and pull, if the opposite party falls, the other will be ashamed, because you led your fellow down; and if you are the last to leave, you are wicked because you insisted to leave.’’
Referring to sayings of the Prophet, Alhagie Serign Sahid Kebbeh stated that ‘‘the best among you is the one who first call on the other party after having a problem. To do whatever I want to do is not the truth.  It is untrue to say I know God and your heart is not clean.’’ He said when you are with people you must move with them in truth, and then and only then that God will be with you in truth.
He cited ‘‘lot of complaints and mistrust abound. But he stressed that ‘‘we must love each other, fear God and trust each other, to live a better life.”
And he added, “Knowing God is to be fearful to God, but it is false to know God and engage on wrong doing. It does not mean that when you know God you are free from sins. One is expected to be among the best worshippers of God when you know God, since God says ‘know me before you worship me, if you don’t know me you cannot worship me’.”
Kebbeh said that it was wrong to claim to be a believer of God while undermining your fellow, disappointing and fighting one another.
Discussing on the true meaning of the Prophet, Kebbeh differentiated between Muhammad Rasulillah and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. He said the history of Muhammad Rasullilah is as long as the history of the first human being – Adam, while Muhammad Ibn Abdallah marked the final stage of Muhammad’s prophecy, when he was born in Mecca.
Conveying a message from the grand Marabout – Sheikh Omar Kabir Barry of Wellingara Walo in Senegal, his son, Alhagie Abdoulai Barry, described Nailul Huda as a body committed to unity in the spirit of truth, and that ‘‘that is what has been proven.’’
He said at their mosque, they to preach that let the people clean their hearts, instead of telling them to straighten the lines. ‘‘One who knows Allah should not engage in dubious acts, grudges and hypocrisy and should be truthful,’’ he said.
Mr Barry expressed gratitude to Nailul Huda, and said that “Islamic religion is about being straightforward and truthfulness.’’ And he added, ‘‘As Muslims you should be steadfast and work for a common good and progress of all.
He used the opportunity to pray for God to avert all the troubles happening elsewhere.
For his part, Sheriff Ali Hydara, a descendant of Muhammad, among others, said the Prophet was created by Allah to show who God was.
Alieu Ceesay a founding member of Dairatul Nailul Huda, said a person who claims to know God yet engages in backbiting, grudge and hate have no purpose of knowing God. He then called on all to love one another and to endeavor to refrain from negative attitudes.

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