Human Rights

Marie Saine’s misinformation of the nation wasn’t enough?

Dictators can never be satisfied
By Yaya Dampha

History is in the making for the wise to learn a lesson that will shape their future and guide them against dishonesty.
Many a time our public officers openly lie to the nation in their attempt to satisfy Dictator Jammeh. However, history has proven to all that anytime these officers think they have done their best by hoodwinking the citizenry their reward for doing that will either be disgraceful dismissal or they will earn themselves space in the form of a one by one meter room in what Yahya Jammeh himself has famously referred to as ‘‘Baba Job’s Five Star Hotel’’, Mile Two Prisons. Time will tell if it is meant for only Baba Job.
The government of the Gambia is once again on its misinformation scheme by not telling the citizens what actually transpired at the just concluded Universal Periodic Review in Geneva. Barely less than two weeks after the poor human rights situation of the Gambia was reviewed, the office of the Justice Minister issued a press release aired on GRTS. According to the release the country’s report to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) was adopted. This is considered by the government as a major achievement which reflects the country’s “dynamic and excellent leadership.”
The release further stated that ‘‘these achievements came on the heels of the numerous falsified and misguided reports (information) by so-called human rights groups and dissidents about the country’s human rights situation.’’ It added that the Gambian delegation which was led by Justice Minister Marie Saine Fredaus had well defended the country’s image, and that the adoption of the country’s report was done on Friday 12 February 2010 without objection.
Hence this was what Justice Minister Saine Fredaus had to tell Gambians, it is therefore important for the Gambian media to publish the full report of the UPR. This will allow readers to be their own judge, for the truth is after the Gambian minister’s submission, 55 delegates made comments and 30 of them made recommendations for the Gambia to improve on its record.
I would therefore remind the Justice Minister and all holders of public office to bear in mind their constitutional obligations to the Gambian people, and thereby learn to remember that dictators can never be satisfied.

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