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Veteran Gambian journalist envisages better Gambia

As he welcomes Jollofnews
Demba A Jawo, veteran Gambian media practitioner and a leading voice against the misnomer that has characterized Gambia for the past fifteen (15) years, has reiterated calls for a united front in pushing forward for an enabling environment in the democratic dispensation in the Gambia. Mr Jawo’s appeal came in the form of a letter addressed to the management of Jollofnews, welcoming it onboard as one of the newest media created in an effort to providing forum for Gambians and non-Gambians interested in pursuing democratic values to highlight their voices. Stressing the uncompromising need for government to create the enabling environment for every citizen to participate in national development, the Dakar based journalist reminded the Gambian media fraternity of the need for respect for etiquette and responsibility in pursuing for our collective goal of a free, democratic and prosperous nation. Below is a reproduction of the full text of the message.
I wish to take this opportunity to welcome Jollofnews as another avenue through which Gambians and non-Gambians can express their hopes, wishes and aspirations about our country as well as make useful critique and suggestions as to how we can together salvage our dear motherland from the decadence it is going through.
As journalists, we have a very big role to play in helping to transform our country from being the pariah state that it is today into one of the most admired and respected in the world.
While our small size can be both a disadvantage and an advantage, we are indeed quite lucky that our society is quite homogenous and the whole country is like one extended family. We all tend to know each other as well as inter-related in various aspects.
Therefore, in such a situation, all that we need is for the government to create the enabling environment for all to play their part in national development. And as journalists, we have a big role to play in ensuring that such a situation is obtained. However, we can only do so when we are quite responsible in the way and manner we comport ourselves as well as handle the issues that we deal with.
Although, personally knowing some of those behind the creation of Jollonews, I am quite confident that you will not be found wanting in how you would be handling issues.

D. A. Jawo

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