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Liberia’s President Commends Gambia’s Role In Regional Peace

Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Left)
Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Left)

(JollofNews) – Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has commended the West African nation of the Gambia for its role and invaluable contributions to the ECOWAS Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) initiative that was aimed at the search for lasting peace in Liberia during the height of the civil conflict.
President Sirleaf also commended that country’s solidarity in hosting Liberian political parties and interest groups that determined the formation of the Interim Government of National Unity (IGNU) in 1990.
According to a presidential mansion statement, President Sirleaf made the commendation when Fatou Ndeye Gaye, the Gambia’s ambassador-designate to Liberia with residence in Freetown, Sierra Leone presented her letters of credence on Tuesday in Monrovia.
President Sirleaf then welcomed the ambassador-designate and expressed the hope that the relations between the two countries will continue to be cemented in the years ahead. She thanked the Gambia for paying host to scores of Liberian refugees who sought refuge in that sisterly country during the years of conflict and acknowledged the hospitality extended to them.
The Liberian leader expressed delight in progress that the Gambia has made in the tourism sector and how it was impacting the economy and noted that Liberia is ready at all times to benefit from the expertise and experiences of the Gambia in this sector.
Presenting her letters of credence, Ambassador-Designate Gaye conveyed on behalf of President Yaya Jammeh a special message to his sister, President Sirleaf, for her impressive administration of her native Liberia. She called for private partnership between Liberian and Gambian entrepreneurs to forge areas of common interest and explore new horizons of economic cooperation.
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