Why Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh Is Not Suitable To Contest Elections

Sarjo Bayang
Sarjo Bayang

(JollofNews) – Before seeking a fifth term mandate as president, Yahya Jammeh must not escape scrutiny. First let him render clean balance sheet of his personal assets and the office he forcefully occupies for more than 22 years.

Gambian tax payers deserve to know net worth of the nation’s highest public office in contrast money value claimed by a sitting president posing richer than the state.  Yahya Jammeh must produce properly documented statement of accounts covering 22 years his overstay in high office.
It will be politically most incorrect and highest resource risk to let Yahya Jammeh carry on as custodian with unlimited access to Gambian tax payer resources; money material, and human capital stock at his unrestricted disposal. Going to election with a sitting president whose claim to personal wealth exceeds that of the entire state is a matter of grave concern every Gambian needs considering.
The office of presidency is not a commercial platform for occupiers to churn personal wealth. Jammeh must not be permitted to take part in any election while being subject to competent scrutiny over 22 years in high office without accountability. Every Gambian is duty bound to protect public resources against abuse and misuse. One way of doing so is by subjecting public office holders to competent scrutiny. That starts with highest public office holder, president of the republic.
Abuse of public high office privilege for selfish economic interest

President Yahya Jammeh
President Yahya Jammeh

It requires basic book keeping exercise to determine how the holder of such high office like the presidency becomes richer than entire state in money and material net worth. All it entails is by taking into account how much the presidency attracts as paid up role. Matching that to the excessive lavish spending Yahya Jammeh along his wife blatantly displays, a deep hole of resource imbalance comes up clear.
Excluding other fringe benefits enjoyed as president, the holder of that post is meant to be duty bound. The person is required to serve honestly with unflinching commitment. In the case of Yahya Jammeh his sole motive for staging that 22 July 1994 coup hinges on insatiable greed and wild drive to get-rich-quick at public expense.
When the seat of presidency is perceived as financial milking pot by the occupier, corruption rises at sky level height. Sense of duty diminishes and privilege is mistaken for right. The occupier then transforms into harmful resource burden costing entire nation including those unborn. Those unborn are affected because they will be inheriting liabilities on the balance sheet by no fault of theirs. The rest is history.
In the situation of Gambia for over 22 years, position of presidency is seen by Yaya Jammeh as financial milking pot. Yearning to be considered rich like genuinely hard working business people, Jammeh resorts in diverting public resources to build his personal wealth. That is abuse of trusted public office; corruption on highest scale.
Jammeh waging economic war on Gambians while playing politics of deception
Diverting public attention from his numerous economic crimes on frivolous political talks, Yahya Jammeh takes every Gambian as big fool. He comes up with endless matters of least significance just to get people talking about him. In the process, he steals public money and other vital resources for his selfish grabbing gratification.
Here is a gentle reminder to all active political stakeholders in Gambia. Be it known that the person Yaya Jammeh is very serious about his economic war on society. Tackle him on the economic front to end his political misrule. He has his lethal teeth and deep claws deeply plugged on flesh of the Gambian economy; bleeding it to death.  Get him off that tight economic grip to save Gambia from doom.
Every time Yahya Jammeh comes up with empty talks about Islamic State, colonialism, political parties, elections, western society, Africa, you name it, he is simply trying to divert curious attention from his numerous economic crimes.
In his own words, Yahya Jammeh said loudly over Gambia public media outlets that he is not a politician. Good question to ask now then is for Jammeh to tell Gambians what his business of occupying highest political seat of the nation at such a serious public resource risk?
Look, good people of Gambia, the man made it clear that he is no politician. Therefore his only business on that seat is to commit serious economic crime putting entire public resources at risk.
It does not take economic genius expertise in money matters to unearth deep reasons why a man with no interest in politics will in his own words say that he “staked his life” to occupy the highest political seat of power.
Corruption is at peak height by account of how Yahya Jammeh now claims personal wealth beyond the national balance sheet value and net worth. There is nothing so technical or sophisticated about this. With closed eyes, anyone is able to lay a finger on the bare open truth about why Yahya Jammeh stays in politics for more than 22 years. He is occupying the highest political seat enabling him unrestricted access to Gambian tax payer funds and thereby continues to commit large scale economic crime. That is what anyone will be right to call Yaya Jammeh as someone waging economic war on the nation in the name of politics.
Clearly seen, this is not politics as usual. Gambian economy is dead thanks to the scale of corruption that Yaya Jammeh indulges.
Accountability before Continuity
Cutting the long story short there is no business without profit and loss. Running a government is just another business by considering resource interplay. People of Gambia deserve to know what is happening to public money and other vital resources.
One person can shed light and bound to give clean account of what happens with tax payer funds is Yahya Jammeh. He is chief custodian of resources entrusted to a sitting government presiding as leader.
For more than 22 years, Yahya Jammeh promised world class standard of economic development to a nation relying on peanut farming and sale of assorted tourism products. It is now clear that Gambia is nothing near superpower economy of world class status after more than 22 years political demagogy.
In contrast, the man occupying highest political seat and being chief custodian of public money is richer than the state. For that man to insist taking part in presidential elections as his bid serving fifth term he must answer lot of questions right.
One big question for Yahya Jammeh that many concerned persons frequently want an answer is for him to explain where all the money under his custody disappeared as president. It is not enough for Yahya Jammeh making another loud mouth talk over national radio and television.
The situation requires a clean balance sheet for the occupier of Gambian presidency who happens to be Yahya Jammeh over 22 years now. Another clean balance sheet is required for Office of the President. A third balance sheet is required for Government of Gambia.  Put together, competent persons will make sense of where the balance of finance and economic power resides.
Meanwhile, it will be seen as serious risk of public finance and national resources by letting Yahya Jammeh to escape scrutiny in another bogus election after which he takes custody without being accountable. Going to elections with Yahya Jammeh and not subjecting him to vigorous financial scrutiny will be seen as most fatal resource risk on the part of all active political stakeholders.  You are one of those who can stop that from happening. Have your say before it is too late. Stop Yahya Jammeh from fooling Gambians any longer into another round of bogus election cycle.  Stand your rights to prevent total collapse.
Experience already proved that Yahya Jammeh failed as custodian of public money and vital resources. For him to be given fifth Term mandate means he will cause more harm. That can be prevented by good people like you. Please stop Yahya Jammeh from any elections before he stops Gambia from moving anymore.
You don’t have to be expert face reader to determine by his looks if Yahya Jammeh represents public interest. Simply denying Yahya Jammeh the opportunity of mismanaging Gambian economy with his scale of corruption you can prevent further economic crime by a sitting president. Stand your rights.
Economic crime profile of Yahya Jammeh disqualify him from fifth term presidency. Don’t let him cause further harm to a nation needing recovery from more than 22 years corrupt misrule. Public scrutiny determines that accountability before continuity.

Written by Sarjo Bayang


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