Abdul Savage

Former Jammeh Enablers And The So-Called Struggle (revisited)

Abdul Savage(JollofNews) –If former enablers of the Gambian regime of Yahya Jammeh were not kicked out, would they be in this so-called struggle today?

In particulae: If former enablers, like Sidi Sanneh and his gang now in this so-called struggle were not kicked out by Yahya Jammeh would they be in this so-called struggle today and castigating that regime?

And if and when former enablers like Mr Sanneh and his gang in this so-called struggle are attempting to hijack or have hijacked segments of this so-called struggle to promote their twisted agendas and promote their selfish interests, would it not be prudent, wise and plain right to call them out, discuss their prior complicity, question their allegiance and scrutinise their motives?

Yes, I submit it would be prudent, wise and plain right to scrutinise and question the likes of these former enablers in our midst in this so-called struggle as well as their motives, agendas and intents. Failure to do so will not only be adverse and detrimental to the health of this so-called struggle, but will also be a great disservice to the Gambian people, who continue to be the victims of this mess of the Jammeh regime, which former enablers, like Sidi Sanneh have helped create.

We, in this so-called struggle, owe the Gambian people that much and we owe ourselves that much in this so-called struggle to question and scrutinise the likes of Sidi Sanneh and his gang of former enablers and future enablers in this so-called struggle.

I am aware that after the publication of this piece, puppets and hypocrites will be coming out in full force attacking Abdul Savage and the publisher of this piece. I expected that. It would be a miracle if that do not happen. However, I await to see if fair-minded and unbiased Gambians and non-Gambians who understand the damage these former enablers have done, and continue to do, will speak up. Are these former enablers not using social networking sites like Facebook, and one online radio in particular, to speak out? Yes, I submit they are.

Again, I submit that fair-minded and unbiased Gambians and non-Gambians are able to see and tell all this façade masquerading in his so-called struggle as “journalists”, (albeit online journalists, particularly Facebook ones and online radio ones), “human rights activists”, “freedom fighters”, and so on. They have branded themselves into many names and continue to do so. It’s a wonder that with all these “brand names” and “titles”, the predicament we find ourselves is beginning to look like deja vu all over again, only this time around, within the last two years, they are adding a new kick, twists and turns to this so-called struggle, courtesy of former enablers who now use social media and some online radios to spew their divisive ploys and twisted agendas.    Abdul Savage

The million dollar question is this: If former enablers now in this so-called struggle were not kicked out by Yahya Jammeh, would they be in this so-called struggle today and castigating that regime?

How convenient we sugar-coat and bury stuff under the rug. The truth hurts, it is bitter, but swallow we must. Seek and speak the truth, no matter how inconvenient it is to loved ones, friends, family and or strangers. Are there not upright and dedicated Gambians at home and abroad in this so-called struggle, who were not enablers? Yes, they are. Are they not qualified and capable to manage the Gambia post-Jammeh? Yes, they are. Why put trust and confidence on former enablers who have once deceived and broke the trust of Gambians? The Gambian people deserve better than former, current and future enablers.

Also, why all the sucking up and giving undeserved credits and singing unwarranted, useless praises here and there to questionable, shady, self-centered characters, former enablers and some self-centred groups, who put their individual or group’s interest ahead and in front of national collective good? Why and what’s in there for you?

Some of my brothers and sisters in this so-called struggle need to do some thorough self-examination reassess ourselves, thoughts, intents and actions, re-evaluate several other aspects, and try to re-group in a newer, fresher dynamic approach, sequencing unity of action, to face and deal with a shared and common predicament.

Only us can face and deal with the Gambian predicament. The Americans, British, Chinese, Ghanaians, Nigerians or any other country will not do it for us. And so all these so-called appearances by selected people to any country or organisation, including the UN, ECOWAS, AU, EU and so on, are just that…..useless waste of resources and time that could be better utilised in other ways through unity of action.

On a final note for now, I once again appeal to all to come together in unity of action to face and deal with a shared, common and vested predicament.

Thank you and God bless the Gambian people, and let’s continue the discussions.

The author is a retired American soldier. He is a member of the US Military Order of the Purple Heart and Veterans of Foreign Wars.



  1. this motherfucker is sick

  2. Just to let you all sound minded Gambians know, one has to serve at least 20 years to be retired from the United States military.
    This crazy Abdul Savage was medically discharged from the Army because he was found medically unfit to continue service in the United States Military. After his so called deployment to Afghanistan, Savage was stuck in a Wounded Warrior Unit in San Antonio Texas, like all returning wounded or mentally ill soldiers, to under go treatment while waiting for the Army to either return them back to service or medically retire them. Soldiers can serve even four years and be MEDICALLY retired and this is what happened to Savage. I bet he will not even tell what his last rank in the Army was. Yes, he was nothing but an E4, a Specialist, the rank and file soldiers of the Army. Savage could not even become a E5 SGT and he was in one of the easiest Military Occupational Specialies to make E5. One can serve even two years and become a SGT (E5) in the US Army yet Savage could not even become one. That is why when he post his uniforms on these websites, he hides his rank so that people cannot see it.
    As for the purple heart for those who does not know, anyone wounded in Combat, even a shrapnel wound from a indirect fire, gets a purple heart.
    For the foreign wars thing, anyone who was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan is a member. In today’s Army, tell me any soldier who is not a member.
    Abdul Savage is a crazy and disrespectful liar, editor please screen the postings you publish on your websites.
    I know Gambians who are even Lieutenant Colonels in the United States Military and none of them are running their mouths here. After all, Savage is not even a Gambian, he is from Sierra Leone.

    Mamut Jobe
    SFC, United States Army.

  3. i think that macky sall also worked for wade before being fired and then stood against him in the presidentiel elections in which he became the winner…… correct me if i am wrong.:::: brother your rubbish at this hour is not the bienvenue…….WE ARE MOURNING….WE ARE MOURNING…..WE ARE MOURNING……no distraction please.our priority is jammeh.