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Gambia’s Ex-President Jawara Is Alive And Well

L-R: Presidents Jammeh and Jawara
L-R: Presidents Jammeh and Jawara

(JollofNews) Former Gambian president, Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara is alive and kicking, your JollofNews can confirmed.

Earlier this afternoon, the online Freedom Newspaper reported that the elder statesman has died, citing an unnamed source in Senegal.

But this paper can confirmed that Mr Jawara, who will be 92 next month is not only alive, but living happily and healthily with his family.

We can also confirm that Mr Jawara’s newphew, Kaba Jawara ,has passed away today.

Mr Jawara was the first leader of the Gambia, serving first as Prime Minister from 1962 to 1970 and then as President from 1970 to 1994.

After the overthrow of his regime by current President Yahya Jammeh in July 1994, Sir Dawda first lived in exile in the UK before returning to Banjul in 2001 after being granted amnesty by Mr Jammeh.

This is the second time his dead is being wrongly reported in some online Gambian papers.


  1. JollofNews, keep it up. You guys are stars and miles ahead of the crowd. How comes Freedom reports twice that Jawara is dead and it comes out to be mere lies. It is a shame.

    Once again, keep up your good work, keep the professionalism! Sensation, lies, trying to break the story first don’t matter.

  2. Don’t worry each and everyone of us is going to die one day and who knows who is going to go first only the almighty Allah knows. By the way how many 40 years old die and leave 90 years old alive sometimes a doctor may die and leave his patient alive so let’s take it easy.

  3. Patrick B. Allison, USA

    Greetings to an old friend, Sir Dawda Jawara. I hope this note will find it’s way to you. I have many fond memories of you and our time spent together at Fajara in the 1970’s. I love The Gambians and miss your country very much. Fondly, Pat Allison