Gambia: Where Is Solo Sandeng?

Solo Sandeng
Solo Sandeng

(JollofNews) – I find it unacceptable that after a complaint with the Gambian courts, the shameful Jammeh tyranny finally admitted to snatching the man’s life on broad-day light. As one of the thinkers once said, if people are not honest with the little things, they will not be honest with the big things. From Jammeh, down to his last cronies, they have continually failed and lied to citizens.

This administration has a track record of lying on their criminal activities. Oh well they have been exposed enough and there is nothing of crime that this regime committed that is not known, therefore in my view, it is just a matter of time before we see the final down fall.

It is not enough that Jammeh came out of the closet to admit that Solo died. His killers must produce his body for a proper post-mortem to determine cause of death. Solo’s body must also be handed to his family for proper burial without delay. To say that Solo died during interrogation is not only lacking an iota of truth but criminal in the highest order. What that means is that those that tortured him to death including those that gave the orders from Jammeh down must face the full wrath of the law hence no one is above the law.

Since Solo was tortured to death, the very grievance that let Darboe and his UDP executive to protest openly, which is a genuine expression of concern under the law, it is therefore on the courts to favor justice and trash the case out as a ‘bullshit’ case.  It is a known fact that the mercenary judges in the Gambia are paid to do Jammeh’s dirty job, as such unless citizens and the international community do some twisting of hands with Jammeh’s criminal regime, they are likely to continue on the path of kangaroo justice.

The Judicial partiality of the Banjul Courts is a total failure, as one couldn’t imagine how a profession

Solo Sandeng, Gambia oposition member died in detention for protesting against electoral reform.
Solo Sandeng leading the anti-regime protest before he was arrested.

in law that should demonstrate a lot of professionalism and moral ethics is reduced to mockery and “public lawlessness” as once put by legal luminary Lamin J. Darboe. Law makers and the judiciary are supposed to be independent,  good referees, people who handle themselves well, turn off some of the temptation buttons of money, material, position, name, just to mention a few. In the Gambia, it is different. The worst are these enabling mercenary judges who take orders directly from Jammeh on the method and level of punishment. This is the saddest that it can get.

More to our predicament is the gullibility and hypocritical nature of our establishments; individual success to collective success –the million curious bystanders and it is shameful. You haven’t mocked at Solo or anyone else; it is your own selfishness and lacks of a pure heart that is making you act the way you do. You continue to live in hypocrisy and you call that some nonsense. Wonder how some of these arrogant and dishonest traits make it through the night daily. Oh well the answer is not far-fetched.

We have heard all the sweet nonsense of excuses, lies, and counter lies. It is so because you think you are smarter than others. It is so because you have some pride in your heart. It is so because you are dishonest and not ready to make amends. It is so because you are consumed by dishonesty, immorality, and love for material. Otherwise what crime have any of these decent citizens committed to where they will be tortured to death? Alright, enough with the nonsense! The inevitable bitch Karma is about strike on all evil doers, so take notice as its jaws closes up on your neck pegs.
Written by Yero Jallow

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