Gambia Politico: Joining UDP Is Not The Joining Of The Individual’s Dirty Bagage!

Let us be clear, joining UDP does not expiate anyone from their sins of the past, neither does it exonerate any from their crimes of the past, nor does it call for the forgiveness or burying of their past! It comes without conditions attached that would change the party’s policies or position on TRRC or laws of The Gambia.

The association is simply done out of respecting the individual’s rights to freedom of association! This is a fundamental constitutional and human rights of every Gambian, including Yahya Jammeh and Lawyer Babadinding Jobarteh!

Respecting that rights of the individual should not be interpreted as condoning or welcoming of their sins or crimes of the past or apathetic to the same! Far from that, especially when most of their victims are UDP stalwarts.

Instead joining UDP should simply be seen or interpreted as accepting the person or the individual, as a political being, but not an acceptance of his/her past, crimes or sins, or an expiation of the same or exoneration of the same!!

Again it is worth reminding that no party’s supporters suffered more from Jammeh’s regime than the UDP and our tolerance or welcoming of such former persecutors to the party does mean we are feeble towards them but proves we are much better than our persecutors. For we would have proven what we always preach that we will not persecute any, avenge against any, and will respect the laws of this land and rights of all those who live in it, including the rights of persecutors to freedom of association.

But we will also follow the law and implement the sanctions of the law against anyone, who has wronged and violated rights of victims. For it is the victims that we owe much justice to, as required by the law. Similarly, following the law also accommodates for the exercise of the prerogative of mercy, where mercy is deserved or necessary for the common good and progress of this nation, our little Gambia.

To strike this balance fairly, we believe requires an experienced legal luminary and for that we cannot think of anyone more suited than our vastly experienced legal luminary and elderly statesman, the father of the nation, and our party leader and presidential candidate, Lawyer Ousainou ANM Darboe. We believe no one has the temperament, age and experience to do this than him.

Thus, we ask for all to embrace and vote for him on 4 December 2021 to become the next president of The Gambia.

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