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Senegal’s Customs Intercept Drug Traffickers

Fake drugs, Indian hemp and morphine, worth a total of nearly 150 million CFA francs, were seized yesterday in two localities of the country. 

As part of the fight against international drug trafficking, the Senegalese customs officers are striking hard. The commercial brigade of Keur Ayip (Centre) said in a statement that it discovered “four parcels of Indian hemp, weighing a total of 400 kg, for an estimated value of 48 million CFA francs, 4,000 tablets tested positive for morphine, estimated at 51 million CFA francs, and fake drugs worth 6.8 million CFA francs.”

The document stated that the seizure took place “between Touba Saloum and Darou Salam Nioro in the forest of Keur Madiabel.” In addition, the release said, the anti-drug brigade of Thies (GPRRF) also confiscated prohibited products.

Cette Unité spéciale des Douanes sénégalaises a réalisé « une saisie de 280 kg de chanvre indien d’espèce Brown à Sandiara (Ouest). Le produit est conditionné en 13 ballots contenant 152 paquets d’une contrevaleur de 41,4 millions F CFA ».

This special unit of the Senegalese Customs made “a seizure of 280 kg of Indian hemp of the Brown species in Sandiara (West). The product is packaged in 13 bales containing 152 bundles with a value of 41.4 million CFA francs.

The courier, of Malian nationality, was apprehended in the Sandiara forest while he was “probably waiting for the sponsors to deliver the drugs.”

More than ever determined to fight illicit trafficking in all its forms, Senegalese Customs informed that “the investigation is ongoing in collaboration with other Defence and Security Forces to (arrest) possible members of this criminal network.”

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