Why I Endorse Lawyer Ousainou Darboe For President In The Upcoming Presidential Elections

Why I Endorse Lawyer Ousainou Darboe For President In The Upcoming Presidential Elections

I have chosen to endorse a man whose legacy is grounded in the pursuit for and respect for Rule of Law, Democracy, Justice and respect for fundamental human rights. I have chosen to stand by a man who as Minister of Foreign Affairs, sat with me in his living room going over a speech he was to deliver the very next day using only the aid of a candlelight. There were no standby generators. He shared in the discomfort of a rather erratic power supply. He didn’t loot our nation’s coffers to live a life of affluence. This is a man who shared the same bowl with Presidents and dignitaries, his maids and his security details. A humble and unassuming man of outstanding capabilities and strength of character.

I have worked with Hon.Darboe and I can attest to the fact that he is not tribalist. I am an Aku by ethnicity and I am yet to have a boss or supervisor that has respected me and admired my work in the manner he did. I was able to present and state my case as a technocrat within the Foreign Ministry and in some exceptional circumstances go against his judgment as a Minister and he has respected my expertise and counsel without once flexing his ministerial powers on myself or any of my colleagues.

My fellow Gambians, let us not allow our emotions to rob us from experiencing the dynamism of a selfless character. The party militants of the United Democratic Party are not and can never be equated to the leadership and visionary of Lawyer Darboe. Just as the mistakes of the NPP Party can never be attributed to the person of President Barrow.

I would have love to see and experience the leadership of Hon. Sallah. However, I am now of the opinion that Gambians have not yet embraced fully his concept of governance and the agenda of the PDOIS well enough. Politics, regardless of which dimension it takes, is about winning. I conclude therefore that the race is between the President’s NPP and Hon. Darboe’s UDP.

In comparison of the two leadership dynamics, I stand tall and firm in my conviction that Hon. Darboe is the right man who can delicately steer the ever so fragile Gambian ship out of troubled waters. His life, legacy and love for country is a testament to his ability and I wholeheartedly believe that the man I have dealt with, up-close and personal and in a professional level, is indeed fitting to be the next Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and President of the Republic of The Gambia.

Hon. Darboe will be a president who will resist to be confined to the mistakes of the past. He will fight corruption because the very foundation of his existence is rooted in honesty and integrity. He has the courage to be the voice of the voiceless and defender of the defenceless. Hon. Darboe is a fighter who cares passionately about the causes he believes in and is ready to sacrifice his life pursing these values yet ensuring that those who hold a different view are not demonized.

What truly matters in leadership is not the number of years that one has been in politics nor the number of years that one has held public office but what truly is of great importance is the strength of our vision, the depth of our beliefs and the exceptional quality of mind and spirit.

We are at a crossroads, this election is about either accepting the status quo; a government marred by corruption, nepotism, and failure to thrive, or it’s about sending a strong message to the politicians that we the citizens of this country refuse to be taken for a ride and will not settle for less. We refuse to go weary and we will continue to roll the dice until the leader we want, crave for, and deserve comes along. We will not relent, cower or succumb.

It is therefore, with the firmest of convictions and from the depths of my heart, I fully endorse the venerable Hon. Ousainou A.N.M Darboe for President of The Republic of The Gambia.

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