Alagi Saidy-Barrow: The Spineless Man 

Alagie Saidy-Barrow

The spine is a very critical part of all mammals. If the spine is broken, the mammal may still function but cannot function effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, someone without a spine is what they call “spineless”. However, the word “spineless”, goes beyond the medical lack of a spine, it speaks to the mindset of a person.

The spineless man is someone that basically will not stand for anything because they are cowards. The spineless individual tends to be very calculating, risk-averse and opportunistic.

The spineless man will be in one camp one day, change camps the next day, and go to a completely different camp the day after. He belongs everywhere and belongs nowhere. He calls that neutrality and impartiality. No suffering is ever too great to get their attention. But all merriment matters to them.

For the spineless man, life decisions depend on where he thinks the next meal will come from. And so long as the spineless man is eating at the table, he will insist that everything is working fine and defend the layout of the table at all costs. He only sees what’s before him. He can’t see beyond the next opportunity. His main anthems are “I’m doing it for country” or “I was working for my country.”

The Spineless man will always claim he did what he could while eating at the table and will do anything to be back on the table. For the spineless man, all that matters is where to eat.

The spineless man is wily and calculating. He knows how to wiggle his way into any setup and rise to the top. He is often the one that gets along with everyone and never sees any dirt too dirty to associate with.

The spineless man uses religion as a crutch and would cite a higher power as a reason for their action or inactions. Saying “we are all one people” gives him license to associate with the filthiest among us.

But once a spineless man, always a spineless man. Do not expect them to change for anything. If a spineless man never stood with the people, you would be a fool to think that in times of need, the spineless man will somehow grow a spine!

They will only declare to be changed if they know that the next opportunity will not come unless they declare to be changed. But once that opportunity comes their way, their spinelessness comes to the fore. So be mindful of the spineless man who will join you in the trenches only when they see an opportunity!

In our neck of the woods, the spineless are often times celebrated instead of being called out because some of us wrote the book on hypocrisy. We reward bad behavior and promote corruption but frown at others because they’re not our friends or family. We see no wrong in our associates but see all the wrong in others.

The spineless and the hypocrites are often found holding hands but it never lasts too long because their relationship is not built on solid foundations. Eventually the spineless man will find another carcass to feed on and jump ship. Word for the wise.

Look at your friends and family members whose silence was deafening or those who claimed neutrality when your people were getting raped.

Look at your family and friends who are/were Yaya Jammeh’s associates, minions, boyboys, “metlangos”, griots, Chief this or chief that in his circle and you’ll see a lot of spineless folks among them.

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