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Police Says IG’s Decision For Relocation Of Stations Borders On Unfriendly Environment

The police have indicated that the Inspector General’s decision for the relocation of some police stations borders on their unfriendly working environment.

Earlier reports have indicated that the police chief ordered the closure of 13 police stations across the country.

But the police issued a statement this afternoon in an attempt to set the record straight.

Below is the full text of the statement unedited:

The Inspector General of Police, Abdoulie Sanyang continues the final phase of his nationwide tour of security installations across the country, with expected visits to state security outfits in Banjul this week to bring an end to almost a three-week fruitful engagement.

The tour which began on May 26 2022, is meant to avail the IGP first-hand information in assessing the working environment and conditions of service of personnel, promoting community participation in security and policing, and to strengthen cooperation between the police and sister security services.

Contrary to unfounded reports about closures of police stations, we wish to set the record straight.

During the tour it came to the knowledge of the IGP that certain rented facilities been used as Police Posts are definitely not fit for purpose since some of them are not even with toilet facilities forcing officers to scavenge for places to ease themselves.

In some instances, roofs and ceilings are leaking, making life and general policing uncomfortable for our personnel, especially during the raining season.

It was also observed that despite the exorbitant rates being paid as rent for these facilities, landlords do little or nothing to improve such dilapidated facilities.

Based on this backdrop, the IGP has decided that Police Posts in Farato, Piccadilly, and Brikama Nyambai be relocated to a better and more suitable environment, fit for a police post within the same community.

Equally, he stressed for regional police commands to quickly engage community members for the purpose of identifying suitable places for police services to be restored in those communities within the shortest possible time.

The public is hereby re-assured that measures are also put in place to intensify constant patrols within such communities in order to curb crime and ensure safety and security for all.

The tour continues to Banjul, bringing it to its climax.

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