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Lady Charged After Confessing To Staging Crime

The 33-year-old lady, who sometime this year lodged a complaint of being bewitched by an old beggar woman to surrender D250,000 to her(beggar),has been charged with giving false information to a public officer, the police said on Friday.

Isatou Drammeh has been remanded on bail, awaiting trial after being charged and cautioned at Old Yundum police station.

The police launched investigation into a complaint by Ms. Drammeh that she had gone to a Trust Bank branch at Coastal Road to withdraw cash but had encounters with an old woman to whom, she said, she had surrendered D250,000 but the mysterious woman later disappeared. Isatou told the police that she had encounters with the old beggar on her entrance and exit from the bank on which occasions, she offered her D50.

However, she informed the police that on their last encounter, time which she had already cashed the D250,000, the old woman appeared again and she gave her D50 and later the entire money.

But the police said it’s investigation has revealed that the entire thing was staged.

“The police conducted a detailed probe into the matter to substantiate the report. It was confirmed that there was no such transaction as claimed,” stated a press release from the police issued to JollofNews Friday morning.

The police said the 33-year-old lady admitted to inventing the story when confronted with facts of the investigation.
She has confessed to investigators that she’d decided to invest D297,000 entrusted to her by a sister in the US but the business collapsed as she could not recover monies for garments she gave out on loans.

“She revealed to investigators that it was because the people she gave clothes to on loan failed to pay her, and the sister needed her money back,” the police revealed.

She told the police that she was left with no option but to fabricate a story.

“The general public is hereby encouraged BUT also cautioned to always report factual complaints to the police,” the police advised.

It added:”Anything contrary would be subjected to equal investigation measures and results would be processed through the same legal remedies; meaning those found wanting will have to face the full force of the law.”

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