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Editorial: Amie Bojang Should Have Conscience And Shut Up!

Values and principles must be our beacon in whatever we do.

Values and principles are essential in that they allow people to distinguish truth from falsehood and right from wrong.

So, you can see how important value systems and guiding principles are to the progress of our institutions and the country.

People pilfer from state coffers because they lack good morals and conscience!

People trade falsehoods against others because they are bereft of good conscience!

The powerful government will attempt to steal the property of the less powerful yet it would be defended for doing the wrong thing.

This is quite pathetic!

Look at Amie Bojang Sisokho!

The director of press and public relations at the Presidency was this morning on Star FM’s Wake-up Gambia show, galvanizing citizens to join Mr. Barrow this Saturday to violate the right of Global-HOMM by setting off the construction of a luxury hotel there.

If Amie cannot use the unique opportunity of her propinquity to the President to tell him not to go to Bijilo on Saturday because he would be contravening the laws, she should then shut up.

Use your proximity to guide the President!

But if you should use your closeness to the President to misguide him, then you lack morals and good conscience!

Who in The Gambia didn’t know that the Gambia government will be involved in an illegality on Saturday by laying a foundation stone on a property that belongs to an organization?

So,tell Barrow not to waste state resources on a law-breaking errand!

Amie Bojang should counsel Barrow to be cautious of the potential widespread ramifications of his plan.

Amie should frankly tell Barrow not to upset the peace of our communities in view of the several frozen land conflicts in the country.

How can Amie embolden the President to go and disempower citizens and, in the same breath call on Gambians to partake in that abuse?

Jollofnews, therefore, advised members of the general public, the diplomatic community and consular corps, the security and traditional musical groups not to be part of an event that is inimical to the country’s peace, social cohesion and tranquility.

Land matters could be explosive and President Barrow’s decision to put the law into his own hands on Saturday can embolden others to take a cue.

We’re jittery!

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