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Police Shine A Light On Fajara South Murder Case

Police Spokesperson, Cadet Assistant Superintendent Binta Njie Jatta

Police investigators have made headway in the ongoing investigation of a murder case involving a 62-year old lady found dead at her home in Fajara South, some 8 km away from Banjul.

Speaking to reporters during a press conference at Kairaba Police station grounds, Police Spokesperson, Cadet Assistant Superintendent Binta Njie Jatta revealed that two suspects have been apprehended and taken to Police custody.

“They are helping the Police in their investigation,” she added.

Residents of Fajara South were hit by consternation and shock after they learned a woman has been assassinated in the neighborhood. The tragic incident that occured in August 4th, 2022, has sent shockwaves across the country, reminding everyone that the fight against criminality is far from being over.

The newly appointed Police spokesperson seized the opportunity to reiterate the law enforcement agency’s commitment to “protecting the life and properties of all citizens.”

Despite our little resources, she went on, the Police are always pushing ahead with plans to “ensure timely response and to address emerging issues.”

Kairaba Police Swift Response

Unpacking some aspects of the investigation process, the Deputy Regional Crime Officer for Kanifing Municipaly, Superintendent Thomas R.G. Gomez, told journalists it was the deceased daughter who took the matter up with his office.

He revealed that the Police are widening the scope in talking to a good number of people familiar with the matter.

“When we arrived at the crime scene, the body was already evacuated,” he said while indicating that the only option on the table for them was to roll out their forensic expertise, and search for evidence.

He then expressed satisfaction at the way the neighborhood helped them to shed light on a number of issues.

“They are very helpful in the course of this investigation,” he said. “Progress has been made, and we’ve gone a little bit far now. Very soon the case will be taken to court.”

More importantly, Gomez confided to the media that some items of evidence have also been recovered.

For his part, the Lead investigator Demba Bah reminded media practitioners that Police always act on information, making it very clear that the information they received was crucial to the breakthrough they made.

He then commended the general public for consenting to help the Police make giant strides of progress in their investigation.

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