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Dr. Abubakary Jawara Foundation To Fit Mile II With CCTV Cams Soon

A little over 70 CCTV cameras will be fitted in the State Central Prison thanks to the instrumentality of Dr. Abubakary Jawara Foundation.

Work commences soon.

The foundation hopes the installation of CCTV cameras at Mile II will mark another turning point in prisons administration as the expectation is that it will help significantly in consigning prisoner escapes to history.

According to the prisons boss, wardens and officers “have all along been using their minds”.

“The world is moving and we need to move. We are dealing with criminals, who are faster than us,” he added.

DG Manneh excitedly explained that the CCTV cameras came at a time when prisoner escapes made headlines.

Earlier on Friday, Dr. Abubakary Jawara Foundation donated 25 mega ceiling fans and 50 mattresses to the Gambia Prisons Services (GPS).

The donation followed a moving report by the National Assembly Human Rights Select Committee about conditions at Mile II.

The Chairman of the National Assembly Select Committee on Human Rights, Hon. Madi Ceesay, said:” We are very happy about the rapid response. The horrible conditions of the prisons should be addressed. We call on others to emulate.”

The CEO of Dr. Abubakary Jawara Foundation, Mr. Yusupha Jawara, underlined that rebranding of the prisons should be everyone’s business.

“We hope the items would enhance the living conditions of the prisoners and wardens. We were told that some of them(inmates) live in horrible conditions,” stated CEO Jawara.

Expressing his pleasure to represent GACH boss also his brother at the presentation, CEO Yusupha Jawara said his brother is a generous man, who’ve been investing his wealth in noble causes since in the 90s.

“We inherit it (generosity) from our grandfather and father. Humanity comes first. Prison is not a place for punishment by rehabilitation,”he explained.

Hon. Suwaibou Touray of the Assembly’s human rights committee thanked Dr. Abubakary Jawara Foundation for the “generosity”.

He said the committee felt grateful by the gesture as well as the opportunity provided it by the prisons authorities to visit the prisons.

Secretary to the foundation Mr. Basamba Drammeh said Dr. Abubakary Jawara Foundation decided to contribute in a way that would be felt by the beneficiaries.

“We will continue to support,” he stated.

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