Can Balla Really Wrestle Rohey Down In Banjul Lambaji?

Son of one of the Gambia’s pre and post-independence politicians is preparing the ground for an onslaught on the Banjul City Council (BCC).

Son of prominent politician Ibrahim Garba Jahumpa, Balla Garba Jahumpa is now marshalling every tool in his took box and all arms and ammunition in his arsenal for a march on the BCC later next year.

So far, the erstwhile minister of foreign affairs has not outlined his battle-plan but many observers believe his general staff will be busy in coming months in constructing tactical and strategic plans for the BCC offensive.

Meanwhile, Balla will be leading a tough offensive against the BCC incumbent not only that he’s unlike his father, who was said to have treated children like his own sons and daughters, he is far-removed from the common people.

He is an elite and behaves like one.

Unlike his father IM Garba Jahumpa and sister H. E Fatoumatta Jahumpa-Ceesay, Balla would not be able to stomach it when people turn his house into their stamping ground.

And, this goes with the territory!

Meanwhile, Balla will be marching onto a well-fortified BCC and probably a minefield as incumbent Rohey Lowe has already entrenched her positions through support to women’s groups(RAFELLA), construction of several roads in Banjul, sinking of boreholes across the country, greening of the Banjul beach with hundreds of beautifully growing coconut trees, fiscal discipline, waste management, scholarship and welfare packages among others.

Balla meantime could leverage his track-record in the ministry of works where he famously earned himself the nickname Action Man thanks to the record time he was able to implement roads works.

He could also step into the void created as a result of the disaffection and declining morale in the NPP Banjul camp.

That’s a significant political base that should not be ignored even by Rohey herself.

Since NPP officials in Banjul have themselves admitted that the party’s line of defense in Banjul has crumbled, Balla can move in and take over.

But how much of an ease that could be achieved is another question altogether.

Be as it may, JollofNews is watching with keen interest this battle for BCC!

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