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Barrow Urges Gambian Youths To Take Lead In Safeguarding Peace & Security 

During his opening statement at the 13th National Youth Conference and Festival in Banjul, President Barrow encouraged the youths to work together closely to guarantee prosperity and stability to ensure future generations lead comfortable lives in peace.

“I acknowledge the strides taken by the National Youth Council to bring all the youths under one umbrella and represent their interests.

With certainty, there cannot be any peace anywhere without the absolute cooperation of the youth; so, I advise all young persons and citizens in the country to remain peaceful and law-abiding and defend or claim their rights civilly and democratically,” President Barrow said.

Pointing that The Gambia boast of a youthful population, which has immense potential to develop and a lot to tap into the younger generation, the President said it is essential, therefore, to hear their voice and listen to them attentively.

“NAYCONF is an event that allows this to happen. It also creates openings to explore and promote youth matters and to chart new pathways in the youth’s best interest and from their perspective,”he stated.

President Adama Barrow

The convergence is a biannual activity that brings together young people from all regions in The Gambia and beyond to discuss issues affecting them. The theme for this year’s conference, hosted by the Capital City, Banjul, is; The Role of Young People in the Maintenance of Peace and Security for Socio-Economic Development Opportunities and Challenges.

The opening ceremony was marked by a march pass and a spectacular display of culture by the seven regions represented.

Writing by State House Media Team

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