President Adama Barrow Is A Threat To Gambia’s Security

President Adama Barrow is indeed clueless!

Mr. Barrow is unsophisticated!

President Barrow is also poorly educated!

He’s also selfish and carefree!

President Barrow has no foresight!

The Gambian leader also lacks the stability of character!

All these weaknesses in President Barrow are clear national security threat dynamics that should make every Gambian sit up with concern.

Certainly, Mr. Barrow is still clueless about statecraft!

Mr. Barrow is still unable to master the art of leadership after six years in Office!

Who told the President that it’s okay to deprive a citizen of his liberty for simply expressing an opinion with no national security ramifications?

Who told Mr. Barrow that it’s cool to spray teargas on innocent citizens, availing themselves of their constitutionally-sanctioned right to protest?

President Barrow is still unsophisticated!

Very naive because without naivity, he would not have allowed the anger over Sabally’s detention to pour onto the streets?

Why do you want to make a mountain out of a molehill?

Should what Sabally rightly said be twisted, convoluted and turned until it becomes a threat to national security?

Surely not!

Unfortunately, Mr. Barrow is sitting at State House apparently unbothered that he’s stirring Sabally’s well-wishers to demand for better.

Release Sabally and concentrate on this coup thing because the population is not yet enlightened about it.

Instead of working towards uniting a divided nation after 22 years of Jammeh’s brutal rule and the six years of his own divisive rule, Mr. Barrow is now reading from Jammeh’s hymn book.

Who told Barrow that Gambians will allow him to hunt them down like wild animals?

Why did Barrow choose to be callous with us?

Where is the Hiinoo, Balaafaa, Kayiroo aning Ñaatotaa Barrow?

Or President Barrow is a fake news?

This President of Mr. Barrow is presenting The Gambia with massive national security threat variables.

Mounting public frustrations and discontentment over government’s inability to reign in food prices, widespread unemployment, insecure borders, deepening public perception of official corruption, mounting fear over personal and property security, a crumbling health sector, infrastructure decay and transport problems are some of the variables, threatening to push the population to the brink.

President Adama Barrow first came to office in January 2017

And, President Barrow seems to care less about all these concerns of monumental proportion.

Is this seeming nonchalance on the part of our President not scary enough for our collective peace and security?

Let President Barrow ponder on how he can deliver us from these predicaments than brainstorming on how to use our resources against peaceful protesters.

The paramilitary deployed to quell the protest were just an unfortunate, pathetic bunch of people!

They didn’t even realize that those peaceful protesters they were suffocating with teargas are the ones feeding them and their families, giving them boots and uniforms to protect them.

Lack of enlightenment is very pathetic!

Our police really need schooling in patriotism because a majority of them are sadly very dumb.

Half education and lack of enlightenment are very bad!

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