I Plan To Work For The Development Of Ebo Town & Jeshwang – Says Councillor Aspirant

A youth leader at New Jeshwang and Ebo Town, Memba Gibba, has said he believes the New Jeshwang and Ebo Town ward can develop with the right leadership.

Memba is a youth leader cum politician who has declared his intent to vie in the April-May local government elections as an independent candidate for Ebo Town/New Jeshwang ward.

Memba, who shall be nominated on Saturday 25 March 2023 at the Kanifing IEC regional office, says he plans to work for the development of Ebo Town and Jeshwang.

Ebo town and New Jeshwang, as one community and ward, is one of the most underprivileged communities in The Gambia.

This prompted the veteran musician and King of Kora, Jaliba Kuyateh, to dedicate a portion of one of his popular songs to the community, saying in Mandinka: “Ebo Town, development shall come.”

“In the twilight of the struggle, I have learned a lot about leadership and have seen what it takes to ensure that Jeshwang and Ebo Town becomes a force to be reckoned with,” said Memba.

“I am passionate about everything community development framework stands for. I believe that Jeshwang and Ebo Town can develop as a community in The Gambia, and I want to play a huge role in the rebuilding process.”

Memba said he has learnt how to come up with solutions in solving problems and easing challenges, adding he is willing to take up more roles to serve his community.

Memba Gibba

“Knowing the expertise I can bring to the table with my many years of experience as youth leader and influencer, I have decided to officially enter my name as a candidate for councillor,” he said with optimism to win the seat.

“The forthcoming election will be important and challenging. Strenuously, I believe that I am capable of undertaking the responsibility of councillor effectively.”

He added: “I am a result-oriented and self-driven person offering well-developed critical thinking and analytical skills and the crucial ability to solve complex problems.”

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