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UDP Diaspora Elects An Executive Committee

Fellow Gambians.

I extend fraternal greetings and well wishes to you and your families, wherever you may be. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the members of the UDP Diaspora Executive Committee, who will be responsible for steering the affairs of our great organization in the years to come.

These positions came about after months of consultations and discussions with various chapter chairpersons and other representatives. Our goal is to strengthen existing chapters for effective and efficient coordination in order to help complement the efforts of the UDP in achieving its objectives.

As you are aware, during the last national congress, the party deemed it appropriate and reasonable to allocate four positions in the national executive for the UDP Diaspora. This was to ensure that the Diaspora had representation and a seat at the decision-making level of the party, so that our ideas could filter through. We welcome and appreciate this timely decision and thank the party leader and the entire executive of the party. This shows the considerable value and appreciation the UDP leadership has for the Diaspora.

However, it must be noted that this comes with responsibility and accountability on the part of the UDP Diaspora. It requires discipline and restraint at all times, even when provoked. The leadership has put emphasis on tolerance, discipline, and respect for the rule of law. These are core values that each of us must live by. We cannot allow our opponents and detractors to brand us as anything other than what we truly are. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, we will come to you through your representatives not only for financial support but idea generation as well.

With the unprecedented level of corruption and economic degradation in our country, not to mention the lack of security and deplorable conditions of our schools, hospitals, and every other sector of our society, the need for greater engagement on the part of every patriotic citizen is more urgent than ever. No Gambian should insulate themselves from the country’s realities. We all must embrace the patriotic responsibility to fight against the existential threats that the Barrow Administration poses to our economy and democracy.

Mboge Saidykhan

The UDP Diaspora has never been found wanting in the political life of the Gambia since the establishment of the first chapter in France in 1997. Therefore, I call on all of us to rededicate ourselves to a tradition set by the founding fathers of our party. As the local government elections approach, we need to stand firmly behind the UDP candidates and give them the support they deserve both moral and financial for their election into office. Our Mayors, Chairmen and Councilors have done tremendously well in the communities they serve despite the hostile obstructions of the Barrow government, and all of us should be proud of their respective achievements.

So I call on everyone of you to engage your families and friends to be extremely vigilant and deny president Barrow, his corrupt acolytes and NPP candidates the chance to derail these achievements.

Thank you for your attention.


Mboge Saidykhan


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