UDP’s BAC Aspirant Plans To Stop ‘Looting’ At Council

The United Democratic Party’s candidate for Brikama Area Council, Yankuba Darboe, has said his first priority if he is elected would be to stop the “looting that is happening at the Brikama Area Council”.

He said, after filing for nomination in Brikama today: “I believe I and my party [the United Democratic Party] are the only candidate and party that bring about the change that the people of this region are yearning for, that the people of this region desperately are seeking and in need of.”

Delving into the intended change, he stated: “Our priory number one is to make sure that we stop the loot that is happening at the Brikama Area Council.

“Everyone in this region understands and appreciates that BAC earns far more than the revenue they claim to be earning. So what is happening is the big question that we have to find answers to for the people. That is number one.”

Mr Darboe said Gambians want to know what is happening to their taxes, licences and rate, adding that they know they are paying but they are not seeing anything in return.

“We believe there is a black hole where our revenues are disappearing into, and when I get into office, we will seal that hole; we will make sure that no revenue disappears at that council,” he vows, saying: “Firstly, we want to make sure that we do a proper inventory of all revenue sources of the council, and also we want to open the council to public scrutiny, media scrutiny, and the public can be invited at all times, and whenever they request it, we are available to provide all the information, whatever information we hold at the council.”

Quizzed by journalists on the probability of him winning or losing, he stated: “There is an English saying that the more the merrier, but at the end of the day, we will be victorious. I am maybe a million percent sure of that.”

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