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NSC Deputy Director Urges Youth To Acquire Skills

The deputy executive director of the National Sports Council, Mahmoud Lamin Jawla, has urged Gambian youth to learn skills to afford themselves decent livelihood and be able to contribute to the development of The Gambia.

Addressing a gathering during the opening ceremony for a 5-day training of youths in the craft industry, he said: “You all understand that without a skilled youth population, a country will never be the envy of the world. All these countries you are seeing we calling the G7 or whatever, it is as a result of the skilful people in those countries that contribute immensely to the growth of their economy.

“Skills are very, very important and are paramount. These are things that as young people we should acquire to earn a decent living and also contribute to the socio-economic development of our country. Yes, Gambia may be a small country, but when our young people are given the prerequisite skills that are needed to take forward this country, I think very soon we would be counted among the countries that are developed.”

Dilating upon his advice, he said: “It is not rocket science or it does not come from somewhere and just drop in you; you have to learn it, and in learning it you have to show passion, you have to show commitment and you have to know that you are living in this world or you are part of a community that you should contribute towards its development. But how do you contribute?

“You must have a skill or you must have something in you that you can use to change the lives of others. If we have this at the back of our minds and work towards it, surely The Gambia will be counted among developed countries.”

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