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Senegal President Sall Says He Will Not Seek A Third Term In 2024

Senegal President Macky Sall will not run for re-election in the 2024 elections, he said in a speech on Monday, ending widespread speculation that he would seek a third term, which his critics said would have been illegal.

Rumours that Sall would try to extend his stay in power have fuelled bouts of deadly unrest since 2021 in which dozens have been killed, and shaken Senegal’s reputation as a bastion of stable democracy in West Africa.

“The 2019 term was my second and last term,” Sall said in a televised speech. “I have deep respect for the Senegalese people”.

The most recent unrest was sparked last month by the sentencing of popular opposition leader Ousmane Sonko to two years in jail on charges stemming from an alleged rape – accusations that he denies and says were politically motivated to stop him from running in the elections.

Senegal’s President Macky Sall arrives for the closing session of the New Global Financial Pact Summit, Friday, June 23, 2023 in Paris, France. . Lewis Joly/Pool via REUTERS/File photo

Sonko called for his supporters to be ready to take to the streets if the president announced a plan to run again.


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  1. Great news for Senegalese people n democracy, good move by President Sall! A huge relief by all standards. However, the triumph of the people of Senegal must nt blind them n us all of how we got to this point n what’s left undone including bt nt limited to Sall taking responsibility for the loss of lives, the unnecessary detention of protesters including Ousmane Sonko all of whom should be released, the destruction of properties n what he should do about it. Sall’s announcement was incomplete, it should include an apology n a remedial plan including dropping all the cooked charges ageing Sonko n must nt be allowed to pick n campaign for his successor who may cover up his crimes or drag their feet long enough to allow time to heal things up just as Barrow has been cunningly handling the Gambian case (D draft constitution)
    Finally what lesson(s) can Gambians learn from the Senegalese case?
    1. Barrow to be stopped by gambians from reneging on his own words (on record) about vital components of the transition programme.
    2. Stop Gambian goods being dropped at Dakar port by fixing whatever issues at The Gambian ports n ensure Gambian Dalasi is the only legal tender/currency for any financial transaction on Gambian soil including toll charges on the Gambian bridge criminallly named ‘SeneGambian bridge’ by his big brother. The list goes on n on. ‘Ndeysann Gambia’!!!
    3. Gambians to demand end to open official corruption, reversal of the criminal salary increase calculated to benefit higher earners like himself, miss use of resources including purchase of vehicles too expensive for the economy,.
    These n many more things entrenching poverty in the country should warrant Gambians to go even an extra mile than the see people.