Alagi Saidy-Barrow: “Lawyers Only Doing Their Job”

Alagie Saidy-Barrow

I have no issues with lawyers defending the accused. We have to ensure that this colonial and abusive justice system we maintain fidelity to does not injure anymore people than it already is.

What I have issues with is spineless lawyers or police prosecutors who will prosecute or sue anyone regardless of how abusive and injurious the charges they file on behalf of their patrons.

In the days of Jammeh, police prosecutors and spineless lawyers at the ministry of justice were ever ready to prosecute anyone for anything they deemed in the interest of the tyrant’s powers. They claim they were only doing their job! In doing their job, right and wrong never mattered to them. “Let the law take its course,” opined the simpleminded, colonially bewigged, black-robed and mentally enslaved lawyer!

Now we have a bunch of lawyers who are also “only doing their job” in threatening Madi Jobarteh simply because Madi called out the greed and corruption of their patron. As I write, this Adama Barrow government is forcefully robbing Ousman Koro Ceesay’s family and taking their land from them! All spearheaded by this same Land’s ministry headed by this same Musa Drammeh.

Adama Barrow’s political friends murdered Koro Ceesay and to further victimize them, Adama Barrow’s government is also taking the family’s land from them! Can one be anymore heartless!!! But we say this and a bunch of spineless lawyers will be weaponized to silence us.

Being a lawyer shouldn’t mean one should abandon their conscience and mortgage their soul to money. Being a lawyer shouldn’t be an excuse for spinelessness. There’s a reason ethics go to the heart of being a lawyer.

Being a lawyer shouldn’t mean abandoning right and wrong and selling one’s humanity. Being a lawyer shouldn’t mean that you are obliged to try and destroy others. Being a lawyer shouldn’t mean working with thieves and charlatans to destroy your own people.

Being a lawyer shouldn’t mean taking “play the devil’s advocate” literally! Good lawyers care about right and wrong as much as they care about justice. Madi has done nothing wrong and anyone assisting this minister to go after him is just as responsible as the minister flexing his abusive muscles!

This is a moment for all Gambians to show solidarity and stand with Madi Jobarteh. If there is one person that should be untouchable in The Gambia, it should be Madi Jobarteh. You have all rights to dislike the man but there’s a reason he’s oftentimes the first person we call upon when those with power start abusing us. It’s simply because we know Madi will never leave a single Gambian to be abused.

If we allow so much as a dime to come out of his pocket, so much as a sweat to roll down his face, so much as a worry to keep him up at night, so much as a hair to fall of him, then we are just as responsible as the minister and his band of lawyers who are “only doing their job” in trying to intimidate us all into impotent spectators as they divide our wrath among themselves!

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