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(JollofNews) – Over the past few weeks, we had some technical problems and there were even rumours that we have chucked away our notepads and computer

keyboards. But after much blood, sweat, harsh language and eventual move to another server, JollofNews is back online and better than ever.  We are back with a bang!

Long story short, our server was playing up big time and as our aim has always been to offer qualityjollofnews logo services to our readers, we hired the services of a relatively unknown IT guru within the Senegambian community in London, who agreed to salvage JollofNews from extinction, for a fraction (10 per cent) of the cost.

He is a colleague in the media and has an extensive knowledge on online media and publication- a genuine professional in the field. He worked tirelessly through the night in the exhaustive month of Ramadan to get things done from scratch.

This new site is more reader friendly and has the latest software.

In the coming days, there will be updates and additions. But as the website is for you- our readers- we would like to hear your thoughts, comments and contributions on what you think about our new site. Send us your comment @ Address:

Thank you for your patience.