The crocodiles in Gambia are believed to have spiritual powers. (File)

The last weekend floods in Banjul have heightened concerns and fears over human interaction with crocodiles and snakes.

It’s rainy season and this is that time of the year when reptilian guests make unsolicited appearances in the capital city.

As Banjul witnesses massive encroachment on the habitats of wildlife due to construction of factories and warehouses, crocodiles have been making unwelcome visits to the city centre.

Currently, the most concerning problem for some flood victims in Banjul revolves around snakes.

One of the victims told JollofNews that he’d encountered a snake in his house when he went back to assess the situation there.

“I was terrified when I entered my house to see a snake cruise away. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life,” Omar Faal told JollofNews.

There were reports some other flood victims have similar experience.

Meanwhile, some dwellers of the capital have also raised concerns over crocodiles.