Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport

There was a bomb scare at Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport where security operatives were called to deal with an unattended bag at the arrival hall of Terminal 3, the local press reported on Thursday.

The Graphic reports that the Base Ammunition Depot Unit of  the Ghana Armed Forces was on Tuesday called in to remove the bag which  has been there for hours and was sighted around 9pm.

Witnesses at the airport at the time of the discovery said there were fears the bag was containing a bomb.

The Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL) said the apparently innocuous bag was later taken away for further investigations.

“The  Base Ammunition Depot Unit of the Ghana Armed Forces was immediately  brought in to conduct a preliminary assessment of the bag and its  contents.

It was subsequently taken away for further investigations, the outcome of which will be made public, GACL said.

“The  management of GACL wishes to apologize for the disruption in the  arrival facilitation process during the period and assures the  travelling public of its commitment to ensure their safety and security  at our airports,” the statement said.