Some Gambians could not still understand why the GPA should continue to pay D5m to Hadim Gaye as annual rent for its inland container depot when the land being rented out was given to him by the Barrow government.

The issue has once again gained currency in the national discourse following lull in months of sizzling social media debate over it.

In 2020,The Gambia government leased a vast chunk of land to businessman Hadim Gaye along Bund Road in Banjul and reportedly to establish a factory there to create revenue for the national coffers as well as create jobs.

Instead, the businessman is now using the land to generate revenue for himself by leasing it out to GPA at D5m.

And, this continues to rankle some Gambians.

“I think we have to look into this rental issue between ports and Hadim Gaye,” a caller on Star FM’s Open Mike, Open Line show said on Friday.

Not only Star FM, but other FM stations in the country have also been used as platforms for expression of contempt and condemnation over the issue.

Meanwhile, the GPA said it rented the property as a palliative measure to the congestion problem that the ports battles.

The ports said it uses the depot for it outbound containers.