Tabara Samba is among the executed prisoners

In 2011, former President Yahya Jammeh stunned the nation and shocked the world when he gave orders for the executions of nine prisoners and, little more than a decade later, his decision for the killing of the two inmates continue to be justified by his former Imam.

Lamin Darboe, a native of Bakoteh, was sentenced to life in prisons for killing a Mauritanian shopkeeper.

Tabara Samba meantime was found guilty of killing her husband by pouring hot oil on him.

They were both executed in what was later described as extrajudicial killings.

“Criminals have human rights to kill,” Imam Fatty wondered.

“You have the human rights to pour hot oil on your husband,” he queried.

“Is killing your husband a right? If you kill, you are a criminal,” he added.

Turning to Lamin Darboe despite falling short of mentioning his name, Imam Fatty argued: “Somebody who dismembered a Mauritanian, stole his money and that is his right.” TRRC must defend him?

“You’re telling me anyone who killed that individual is a criminal? Where is human rights?”