As some defeated former NPP NAMs struggle to readjust to life after five years of legislative works, Fatoumatta Jawara has hoped to lift the spirit of defeated Lower Badibu NAM that President Barrow will never forsake him.

The former Lower Badibu NAM, Alhagie Jawara, was among eight ex-NAMs who ditched United Democratic Party for National Peoples Party.

Six of them lost their bid for re-election.

Apparently, some of Alhagie Jawara’s political opponents are not unhappy about this change in his political fortunes.

However, Fatoumatta Jawara said President Barrow will never forsake Alhagie Jawara and advised him to be steadfast.

“Just ignore them. They can say whatever but I know that President Barrow will never betray you, knowing the man he is,” she contended.