KING(JollofNews) – We begin by praising Almighty Allah for giving us the patient and the strength to effect a peaceful change of government in the Gambia.

It has not been an easy road and many Gambians who stood up against tyranny and injustice have been killed and buried six-feet deep, arrested, tortured or exiled.

Many families have been left orphaned and many parents were left childless.  Their pain was immeasurable.

It was a painful journey never experienced before in the history of the Gambia, yet no matter how terrible the pain was, Gambians never allowed the devil to get the better of them. They remained patient 22 long years and prayed to their Lord for help.

That help finally came a few months ago when their Lord like in the Biblical scripture gave them a previously unknown man as their leader. The new leader gave them courage and inspired them.

He made them believe that they can slay the monster that has tormented them for over two decades peacefully  without shedding their blood again if they rise and exercise their democratic rights.

Some had doubted him at the beginning but he has made the unthinkable happen. The Mighty Professor  Sheikh Yahya  Babili Mansa Jammeh has been slayed and will soon disappear into his Kanilai Kingdom or somewhere far, far and far away.

The bells of freedoms are ringing in the four corners of the Gambia. We are free at last and the thousands of Gambians who were forced into exile can now return home and help rebuild their country.

We shall no longer be afraid to hold political discussions in the open. We can now sleep peacefully at night without the men in black breaking in our homes and take us away in front of our children. We are indeed really free.

The locks of Mile Two Prisons shall be broken and all political detainees languishing in mosquito infested cells and surviving on watery stew will be welcome back to Gambian society not as former prisoners but as freedom fighters and heroes.

Never again shall we allow monsters  like Jammeh to govern the Gambia and hold the people captive.

For Yahya Jammeh and his cronies, we should show them forgiveness and mercy even though they don’t deserve it.

A lot of blood has already been spilled in our God blessed country and we shall not resort to the same barbaric style of governance that we have fought against in the first place.

The Gambia belongs to all of us and the new administration should use their mandate to unite the country and  provide a better and prosperous Gambia that we all yearn for.

Let’s say a big thank you to the chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission, Alieu Mommar Njai for providing us the means to slay the monster.

Alhamdulillah, change has happened in the Gambia.