Health minister, Ahmadou Samateh

The Gambia is currently in a vulnerable situation,regarding disease outbreaks in the country as the cadre of the health ministry tasked with investigating outbreaks is on strike.

According to reports, diseases surveillance at the Banjul International Airport, seaport and border crossings have all been impacted by a sit-down strike called by the Association of Public Health Officers.

Daily immunization activities at clinics around the country were also reportedly paralysed by the strike.
Since Monday and through to Friday of last week, 28 clinics were reportedly cancelled.

The Association of Public Health Officers declared the nationwide sit-down, agitating for payment of allowances from the government.

Members felt unfairly treated by the health ministry following the payment in 2021 of on-call, risk and special allowances to nurses and Doctors of the health ministry.

When they agitated, the ministry of health placated them with the promise of treating them the same way.

“In April,the ministry promised to pay the allowances at the end of May. We had a convergence at the Gambia College where we agreed on suspending the strike. The other agreement was that in the event the government did not honour its promise, we will down the tools,”said top member of the public health association.