Jammeh(JollofNews) – The government of the Gambia Monday passed a controversial law that imposed tough penalties for producing and selling

pornographic materials.
Under the new legislation, it is an offence to produce, publish, procure, import, export and sell any form of pornography into the West African nation.
The legislations impose a mandatory fine of not less than D20, 000 or a ten-year jail term or both for anyone guilty of participating in the production, trafficking, and publication of pornography.
The legislation also impose a similar punishment for anyone guilty of producing or participating in the production or trafficking or publication or helping in the production of pornography depicting images of children.
In a similar development, the government has introduced another controversial law that impose a D500,000 fine and five years imprisonment on government officials who absconds while on official missions or studies abroad.
The government has also amended the criminal code and imposes life sentences for gays guilty of having sex with anyone under 18. The amendment covers gays having sex with anyone living with HIV/AIDS, disability or parent or guardian of the victim.